Saturday, February 28, 2015

Capsule Container Hotel, KLIA2

Capsule by container hotel, KLIA2 (Level 1)
仓库概念酒店(休息室?) KLIA2 点下看中文版
It's located at the lowest level, it's not accessible by lift and you need to go down by escalator. 
I have heard of this hotel and I decided to give it a try since I have a long waiting time between flight. (ICN-KUL-SIN)
It actually took me quite a while to look for this container hotel. It's not easy to locate it honestly unless you knew it is situated at L1. I have search through other levels only to realise that it is actually at L1.
Review: Honestly, I just want to try and maybe do a review for it. My personal view is, it is difficult for me to stay here for another time. Mainly for the following reasons:
1. The noise from the generator too loud 🔊 but I am too tired so I just doze off easily
2. (Which is the main reason for me not to go back to this again) you don't have a door, all what you have its just a curtain like so pity right. totally no privacy and i am so scared that somebody might just came in my container
1. It's a compact container with everything! I am surprised to find a foldable table and mirror. You will also have blanket and plug.
2. It's something new so may worth a try, why not?
3. Free shower! 🚿
1. You can ask for a little longer, maybe 15 mins? I check in at about 12:45 am and checkout at 4 am.
2. It's cheaper to book online. You will enjoy 10% discount compare with walk in price. No printout required. Just show them your confirmation email on your smart phone will do 
3. Deposit of RM50 is required upon check in and will be return upon check out. You will be given a recycle bag which you will find a towel, your room card and a key for your locker.
4. If you just want to use their shower facility, it is at a cost of RM15.
上个月从首尔到吉隆坡转机到新加坡中间隔了约8小时,想起KLIA2有这么一间capsule hotel所以就去试试看。它并不起眼,我从三楼走到四楼到最后才发现其实是在底楼,注意底楼是电梯到不了的,得搭手扶梯。
试住心得: 试过就好,我个人没有很喜欢(可能每个人会有不同感受,说不定你会喜欢?)。其因如下:
1. 发电机声音很大很响。不过如果累得到头就睡那其实也没什么问题
2. 最大的问题在于隐私。虽然说价钱便宜但是没有门!没有门!没有门!还真的吓着我了,真怕半夜睡到一半有人爬进来怎么办(是说男女分开的但是我往楼下看到男子呀)。只是区区的廉子,灯光关系我从里头看得到自己的影子不知如果在换衣服的话外面的人是否看得见? 我弟弟说我有被害妄想症,我只能说不适合住这里。
1. 很惊讶小小的空间还有可以折叠的桌子和镜子。当然还有电话和插座。
2. 新东西嘛试试看也无妨
3. 可以顺便免费洗澡 免费提供毛巾
1. 我12:45am入住,柜台让我住到4am (但是员工之间沟通有问题结果三点半就给我morning call)
2. 到它的网站去预定有比walk in便宜10%。无需打印只需用手机出示预定证明。
3. 入住时会收取RM50押金并在退房时退还。
4. 如果不想住,却想使用浴室(普通花洒请不要想象有浴缸), 只需收费RM15 (这个算是还不错的)