Sunday, December 21, 2014

JULIE'S HERSHEY'S - Smiles in every bite -

愛心烘焙Julie’s 餅干與巧克力公司Hershey’s 聯手合作,推出Julie's Hershey's 迎領亞洲新市場。
Julie’s Hershey’s 系列共有6款產品,分別有巧克力夾心或香草味夾心、純巧克力粒、巧克力榛果及華夫餅
售价为S$3.90,销售点为NTUC Fairprice等各大商场

Do you remembered Julie's? The cookies we used to have during our childhood time?(and yea, even now) It's actually our Malaysian homegrown brand which has extended its presence at over 70 countries in the world. (*proud*)
If you are a chocolate lover, I bet you will know Hershey's! Hershey's has its manufacturing facility in Johor which is anticipate to come on line in 2015.

And now, Julie’s Baked With Love cookies and Hershey’s iconic chocolates have come together to bring you Julie's Hershey.
Comes in six varieties: Chocolate chip, chocolate chip oat, chocolate chip hazelnut, chocolate fudge, chocolate fudge vanilla-flavoured and chocolate waffle.
Retail price at S$3.90 per box. Available in NTUC Fairprice and all major supermarkets

【这是一则商家文】This is a sponsored post.

Yummy food at Spinelli, Harbour Fronr Centre, Thanks Julie's for hosting the event :*)
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Say hi to Mr. Ang, the CEO of Julie's

PS: Photo credited to Cynthia and huizi.
Last but not least, wishing everyone a very merry christmas with these Cookies Tree! hehe

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Food Blogger Awards by AK House

OMG! *rolls my eyes* Food blogger Award! OMG, a food addict like this must join!

Steps to Participate in the Campaign:
Step 1: Visit for more details on how to win and campaign terms and conditions or drop by any of our outlet to view a copy of the campaign leaflet.
Step 2: Fill up the Contest Form available in website.
Note: Contest Form is to be submitted ONCE throughout the Campaign Period.
Step 3: Write your food review about AK NOOLDES HOUSE and take some photos for the best photo contest.

You will be given a RM20 food voucher to enjoy their food at AK House! OMG! I WANT TO GO CITY SQUARE NOW.
(I know I sounds so tam jiak -.-)

Furthermore, there are prizes to be won! Please, I am in need of $! (No bonus no increment, pity me please :’( )

RM1,000 ONLY
Till then, wait for me to visit their shop and update you guys on the yummy food blogs! Bye!