Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chicken Rice Shop @ Tangkak 东甲东成鸡饭店

[我是吃货。吃在Tangkak东甲] 曾经有朋友发了instagram说,这是她认为全东甲最好吃的鸡饭。这间虽然很少被杂志介绍,却是亿立已久的老字号 - 东成鸡饭店。名为鸡饭店当然是卖鸡飯。不过,它也有可口的包点点心。特别推荐糯米鸡(lo mai kai)。
评价: 这是从小吃到大的好味道。特别喜欢它的辣椒,每次都要淋很多。你不懂啦这才好吃!
营业时间: 早上到下午
地点: 柔佛东甲幸福花园店屋。从收费大道出来经过三个红绿灯,注意左手边的邮政局,经过了邮政局请转左,就在那一排店屋的第一间。也是Klinik Kesihatan的斜对面。

Chicken rice is my favourite when I running out of idea what to eat for the day. This is one of my favourite chicken rice shop at Tangkak.
People always recommend beef noodles etc. Hence, I decided to recommend this restaurant which is good but I-dunno-why being neglected.
Of course, the shop also selling dimsum and paos. Their lo mai kai is delicious! I love their chillies! Perfect match with their chicken rice.
Dong Cheng Chicken Rice Shop (I don't think this is accurate as I merely translated it from the mandarin shop name)
Location: Taman Sentosa, 84900 Tangkak, Johor.
When you exit at Tangkak tol, turn right as usual. Pass through three traffic lights, then look for the post office on your left. Turn left after post office, the shop is the first among the row of the shophouses.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dessert @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza

店名叫<健康甜品>,甜品是用maple syrup来取代白糖,佐料很足,阿姨给了满满的花生,碗都快溢出来了。很好吃,只要两块钱,特别推荐!

This is my favourite dessert stall that I wanna share with all of you long ago! Located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza's food court. I order peanut ice every time I visit the stall. It costs $2, which I think is super worth as the portion is huge (as you can see from the picture). The pictures are taken at different time so it may look a little bit different but it is actually from the same stall. I love the way they replaced sugar with maple syrup in the dessert and I think it makes the dessert even more tasty! Topping with the peanuts, corns, red beans... woots, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!
(ps: Do tell aunty that I wrote a free advertisement for her. Haha!)

Where to eat:
Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Court
健康甜品 (the name of the stall)
花生冰 S$2

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McDonald's FIFA World Cup Special Menu

[麦当劳 McDonald's]又到了麦记广告时间(笑)。世界杯如火如荼地进行而主赞助商也不落人后推出了一系列特的世界杯主题套餐。这里就有Chicken Caramba & Samba Spicy Drumlets

It's McDonald's time again xd 
As the official restaurant for World Cup 2014, Mcdonald's has launched a series of World Cup Special Menu
Thanks to McDonald's I am delighted to have the chance being invited to try their Chicken Caramba & Samba Spicy Drumlets.
yummy yummy !!

More details: