Tuesday, May 27, 2014

推薦。台中民宿 Recommendation | Min su (民宿) in Taichung 「逢甲幸福 Sweet House」

去台中怎麼可以不去逢甲夜市呢?而Sweet House和逢甲夜市的距離就只有一分鐘。用跑的可能20秒吧!真的是超近的,超方便,就在逢甲大學門口的斜對面。街角有一家萊爾富24小時便利商店。

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[Recommendation | Min su (民宿) in Taichung 「逢甲幸福 Sweet House」]
- A place that makes you truly feel like home.

How can you missed Feng Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市) if you visit to Taichung? It is only one minute walk from the B&B to the night market. Or 20 seconds, if you run! Really super close and super convenient.
It is strategically located opposite the entrance of Feng Chia Undertaker. There is Hi-Life (24-hour convenience store) at the corner of the street.
You can directly go back to your room and sleep after visiting the night market as it is very close. The price is also reasonable cum affordable. Thus, I really have to recommend this accommodation in Tai Chung! Thumb up 
It is actually an apartment with 9 rooms where the owner decorated the rooms in different theme (in fact, I really wish that I can sleep in every single room, one room per day (too greedy ; P))
Nevertheless, despite of the differences, the decoration style is generally sweet and lovely, showering you with homey feel. Although this is not a hotel, but you would feel like it worth more than a hotel and value for money - the rooms are spacious, with clean bathroom, and all the grooming supplies, ie. towel, cleanser, lotion are provided!
Each of the room come with wifi wireless network and the internet speed was very fast during my stay. It also has a fridge inside the room! I have stayed in many hotels that has no refrigerator in the room, and I feel so happy to see the brand new fridge inside my room.
The owner was generous enough to let me visit the room which the guest has yet to check-in. To be honest, I love every room!

Let's take a look at their room now. Picture speaks a thousand words. You can really feel that the owner really put her effort in making her guest a pleasant stay.

For room reservation, kindly contact:
Address: Opposite Feng Chia University
Transporation: From TaiChung HSR train station - Take the shuttle bus no. 160
''LINE'' ID:「love-trave」