Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Trimton 強效瘦

I am lucky to be selected by Trimton to try out their slimming products and here is my review of it,
Wait, Slimming pill?me? Yea, don't rub your eyes, it is me! You may say that I am slim enough but I have gained so much of weight (like 5 kg?) since I started working. I am a typical office worker who sit on her desk whole day long from 9 to 6. And the end result? Yes, you got it = fat tummy and big buttocks! which I hate it to the max :( Give me back my slim body!!! Maybe because of aging, it is harder for me to slim down nowadays. I used to lose weight very fast by just skipping one two meal.

Have you heard of Trimton before? No, let me introduce you with the latest slimming pills in town (*drum rolls*)

-Trimton is hit in Singapore and Hong Kong over 8 years and use totally natural ingredients with different international certification. It helps you trim your belly and it has successfully help a lady slim down more than 77 pounds.

I love to receive parcel, and it is so nicely wrapped <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

So Trimton = Trim Belly?!!Omg, Yes! Yes! I need to cut the kilo on my belly!

Trimton 1 is focus on [Trim Belly] in natural way, it mainly has 3 functions,

1.      Blocking
Neutralize excessive absorption or suppress appetite

2.      Fat Burning
Boost metabolism to consume excess fat

3.      Detoxification
Cleanse and eliminate boy toxins

Tadda! Here it is!The packaging itself looks so powerful! Like thor is coming ~ lolz 
I thought I will be given one box, out of surprised, it is actually two!!

No worries, it is actually manufactured in Taiwan! Our favourite travel destination, yay! and Tw product is always the trusted one right? 
It is actually just a small bottle, but well stored and packaged in a nice box
The bottle is not too big and come in handy, you can just put it in your handbag as it ain't heavy at all. Convenience isn't it?

Using Trimton for 3 boxes as a treatment, it is suggest taking 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, 3 capsules dinner and dosage with warm water.

It contain with natural ingredients like white kidney bean, Gacinia cambogia (HCA) to burn your fat, especially on your tummy area.

See, this is how the pills look like. so cute <3 font="">

My reviw:
I hv taken the pill for almost three (3) weeks. You must be curious about the end result I know. Haha!
I have to say sorry cos I did skip taking the pills sometime cos I forgot (*sign of aging no. 2: too forgetful!)
Anyway, I have lose at least 1 kg in three weeks, not bad right? I didn’t really exercise, the only work out I have is to walk back to and from the train station everyday. Lmao.
So I guess the 1 kg should tribute to Trimton. Yay! I didn’t eat less as I still having buffet during this few weeks and KFC L
Anyway, I am satisfied with the 1kg since I ate so much yet too lazy to work out. It is good enough that I didn’t gain weight.
At the same time, I do feel that my fat belly is not as obvious as beforehand. Thanks trimton J

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Hong Kong Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

Hong Kong Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

【旅人。我是吃货】吃在香港旺角。金華冰廳 Kam Wah Cafe 
推荐:菠萝油 HKD 8 ,蛋挞 HKD 5

[Travel | Food Review]

 Hong Kong 金華冰廳 Kam Wah Cafe 
Rating: This is my second visit to this cafe, I was here on my last HK trip as well. Tips: To avoid the the crowded in the cafe, you can actually opt for takeaway which is faster and hassle-free. The aunty who served are ok, not too bad. Remember to drink more water after having the egg tart. The pineapple butter bun is a must-try, it is big and cheap, super value for money! Where in HK that you can find cheap food? not to mention the bun itself is big! 
Environment: ★ ★ 
Food: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Service: ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Price: ★ ★ ★ ★
Recommend: Egg Tart (HKD 5), Pineapple butter bun (HKD 8)

Egg tarts

You will love this!! Pineapple butter bun.

Tam jiak Happy face 

Getting there:
Kam Wah Cafe: 
Address: 47 Bute St, Hong Kong

Friday, April 4, 2014

How Hot Can You Go? The Spicy Challenge is here!

Peeps! I have a big news in town for you! McDonald’s Singapore will be challenging your tastebuds with a range of spicy burgers, including three exciting new flavours and all-time local favourite, the McSpicy®.
And I was lucky enough to be invited by and Mcdonald's to attend at their preview for the McD Green Curry Chicken Burger. The event is on 1st April, yea, April F00l! But luckily we weren't fooled, it is a sincere and genuine invitation :)

Yesh! It feel good to be the first~!

We were given doorgift - Chilli shaped pen and a paper to circle up which Level we would like to challenge for.
I love spicy food and thus of course I have the highest level of challenge! Level 3 !! 
Flaming Green Curry!
The inside, ah-ha!

Curry sauce and Sweet 'N Sour sauce.
Is Curry Sauce and Sweet 'N Sour sauce something new in McDonald's? I have never try them before this. I was like what? when I know there is a choice of Sweet 'N Sour Sauce. I only know Sweet 'N Sour Pork. lol. sorry lah. I love the Curry Sauce, keep dipping my burger and/or fries in it.

My Review: Actually McD burger taste the same, it is just the sauce that differ. I have tried Level 3 (Flaming Green Curry) and Level 1 (Sizzling Citrus) (was busy eating so no photo, sorry guys T.T I know I so tam jiak k).
For Flaming Green Curry, the patty is a normal chicken patty (?) but with green curry sauce in it. It might be spicy for people who don't eat spicy food, but fyi, I added chilli sauce to my burger, and it was two packets of it. lol. Told you I love spicy food! Well, it smells like Thai Green Curry and the sauce is really nice.
For Sizzling Citrus, I love its patty cause it is well-seasoned and thus it is so tasty! I recommend this for anyone of you who can't take spicy food. It is actually one of the best burger in McDonald's that I like! You gotta try this out seriously! For people who like spicy food like me, just pour in as much chilli sauce as you like, that will be perfect! Yay!

There are actually four level for you to challenge! The Level 4 is not yet release but will be coming soon! I hope that I get to join them for the preview for Level 4 too cos I love Spicy food and McDonald's, so how can I miss out when there is a combination of both? :D

之前都没有看过Curry Sauce and Sweet 'N Sour sauce,难道是麦当劳的新品?Curry Sauce很好吃哦,下次去麦当劳可以要。

评价:其实对大部分的人来说,汉堡吃来吃去都是一样的,不同的只是配料而已。我试了Level 3(Flaming Green Curry)和Level 1 (Sizzling Citrus)
Flaming Green Curry,的鸡肉是属于很普通的鸡肉馅( ? ),但是其中有绿咖喱酱在里面。不吃辣的人可能接受不了,但是我是超级爱吃辣的人,还加了两包辣椒酱在汉堡。它的香味就如泰国的青咖喱一样,很香很好吃(大拇指啦)。
Sizzling Citrus,我喜欢它的原因是因为它的鸡肉很够味!推荐这给不能吃辣的朋友。它已经被我例如最喜欢的麦当劳汉堡之一!对于人像我一样喜欢吃辣的朋友,就加多一点辣椒酱在汉堡就好了(笑),只要你喜欢!超棒的汉堡,耶!

之前说过其实有四级等你来挑战! 但是目前Level 4尚未公布,但就快了,在四月尾!希望到时还有机会去参加他们的发布,因为我很爱吃,还特别爱吃辣!(选我!选我!)
(From left to right: Sizzling Citrus, McSpicy®, Flaming Green Curry) 
Level ONE: Sizzling Citrus 
At level one on the heat scale of this year’s Spicy Challenge, we present the new Sizzling Citrus. 
Featuring a chicken patty seasoned to offer a delightful combination of citrus and spice, this is finished to crispy perfection, and topped with green chilli and lime sauce. All the goodness is served on fresh whole leaf lettuce and in between toasted corndust buns. 

Level TWO: McSpicy® 
Moving up the heat scale is local favourite, the McSpicy®. The star of the McSpicy® is its thick, fiery hot and juicy cutlet of chicken thigh and drum. Sitting on a bed of crunchy lettuce and served in between toasted sesame seen buns, this hottie can only be described as “shiok”! 
So this is level three!
Level THREE: Flaming Green Curry 
Ready for even more heat? Level three on the Spicy Challenge heat scale is the new Flaming Green Curry. Packing a punch, this burger features a chicken patty seasoned with a mouth-watering mix of spices including chili and capsicum for additional lingering heat. This is served on crisp whole leaf lettuce and topped with lemongrass and coconut sauce, in between fluffy corndust buns. 

Level FOUR: [To be revealed in late April]
The final, and most spicy burger of this year’s Spicy Challenge will be revealed later in the month. Stay tuned!

To end your spicy meal, finish off with a glass of refreshing Yuzu McFizz to cool after the heat. 
Each Spicy Special, which consists of your choice of Spicy burger, Yuzu McFizz, and a Large French Fries is available from $7.40. All spicy burgers except for the McSpicy® are available while stocks last. 

I am grateful that I was chosen to be among the first to try out their newly launched burger. I hope that I can attend more event like this in the future cos I am a big eater I have actually finished up one and a half of the burger (Level 3 and Level 1) together with two cups of drinks and fries and SUPRISED the girls sitting on the same table with me. (shy) Please don't run away k. I won't eat you. Diet plan epic failed. You can see how much I love eating that despite this is only 15 days of me having braces (yea, during the early stage ppl don't usually eat much), but I still eat! I can't bite hard so I tear up my food and swallow (this is call die die also want to eat la) I have no idea why I so tam chiak? or born to be tam chiak (sad). haha~

Last but not least, credit to the crews who made this event a success! You guys deserved an applause!