Thursday, March 27, 2014

Qoo10: [The Face Shop] THE FACE SHOP Trial Kit! **free**

Ok, I wasn't here to be a santa claus. Just want to blog about the trial kit that I've just collected from The Face Shop@Plaza Singapura (#01-62). The shop located at the new extension of PS, I had a hard time locating it even though I have been there before. (I can lost with a map too, I have no sense of direction I have to admit that. Though I am a hardcore backpacker and traveller!yay!)

Ok, back to our topic. I got this from Qoo10 with 2 Q stamp. I have made a lot of purchase from Qoo10 and this is the first time that I get to make good use of it (I mean without forking out my own money). Anyway, you can get Q stamp by just register and spin (e-spin by clicking your mouse of course) to get it from the lucky draw on Qoo10 page.

The redemption process only last for less than 1 minute? ya, I went in the shop, show them my phone and the girl just click redeem on my phone then tadaa! I got my FREE (*screaming*) trial kit here~

Look at what I get from the trial kit:

- $5 The Face Shop Voucher
- Acai berry real nature mask
- Flebeaute White Crystal Diamond Peeling
- Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
- Color Control CC Cream
- Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
- Chia Seed moisture-holding seed cream

I have decided to keep the sample until the time I go travel as it is easier to bring small packet like this isn't it!

All in all, I am satisfied with this deal. It is free, what's more to ask for? :D
This deal is currently sold out. But watch out for Qoo10 page for it probably will come back due to popular demand~

On the other hand, I am here tumpang (顺便) write a review for this Garnier Aqua Defense Mask (sample) which I got from I have seen this quite a lot of time at the $2 dollars basket at Watsons but never thought of buying it.
Review: It is meant for Moisture. After applying it, I really feel the instant moisture and my skin feel so supple. This mask works! It will be your choice if you want an instant aqua boost for your face.
Recommend: ★ ★★ ★

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Hong Kong Cafe 澳洲牛奶公司 (Double-Layered Steam Milk)

It has a big signboard which you can easily spot it when you walk along Parker Street,Jordan, HK.
[Travel | Food Review] Hong Kong 澳洲牛奶公司
Rating: This is one of the cafe in HK which highly recommended by travel books and also on travel forum. Went as early as 8am but guess what? There are around 15 peoples queueing in front. So be prepare to queue and wait if you want to visit this restaurant. Cafe in Hong Kong are generally crowded and you have to share your table with other customers as they may have limited table. Waiter are all as busy as a bee, and of course, you probably won't be in good mood when you are busy as early as 8am. Food was served quickly. It is better to order the breakfast set than a lar carte. Accidentally ordered the Almond Steamed Milk, should have order the Double-Layer steamed milk instead. Perhaps it will taste better as the almond one tasted a bit weird. Scrambled eggs is a must try and highly recommended! I wonder why in Hong Kong they cook pasta in soup base? I personally find it strange to eat pasta with soup.
Environment: ★ ★
Food: ★ ★ ★ ★
Service: ★ ★
Price: ★ ★
Recommend: Scrambled eggs, Double-Layer steamed milk

The Menu, not very cheap though

My Almond Steamed Milk! So smooth like my face, ahaha :)

The soup-based pasta

The must try Scrambled Eggs!

Hong Kong Jordan 澳洲牛奶公司
47-49 No. Parkers St, Jordan, Hong Kong
Alight at Jordan MTR Station, Exit at C2.
Operating Hours: Saturday 7:30 am – 11:00 pm

How to go JB from Singapore by Public Transport?

Got nothing to do over the bored 2 off days during your weekend?
Wanna go JB but don't have a car? No worries, I will teach you how to go JB by public transport today.

If you want to go City Square, there are two steps:

Singapore - City Square
1.From your place to Singapore Custom:
   There are actually a few route to get to custom,
   From Kranji MRT Station: take SBS no. 170 or CW 1(S$1)*
   From Novena: take CW (not sure about the price, please ask the driver)
   From Bugis: take CW 2 (not sure about the price, please ask the driver)

CW is Causeway link operated by Malaysian Company. You have to prepare the exact amount of money as no change will be given. Tell the driver you want to go City Square will do, drop your money in the box next to the driver seat and board on the bus.

After you reach Singapore Custom, you have to go through the immigration checkpoint la of course. So please don't forget your passport!

2. From Singapore Custom to Malaysia Custom
    Repeat step 1, which is board on 170 or CW 1
    If your are taking CW, remember to keep your ticket, as the S$1 you paid is for the whole journey from Singapore to JB, so when you board on CW on Step 2, just flash your ticket to the bus conductor or driver will do. No need to pay again!

3.  From Malaysia Custom to City Square
     It is just adjacent to the custom, there is a bridge that linked to City Square. No need to expose yourself on JB street at all, so it is not so dangerous la from my point of view.

If City Square can't satisfy you, you can go KSL Mall by taking cab from City Square, around ten minutes journey. Remember to bargain with the taxi driver, the normal price is around Ringgits 8-10 for single journey.

Bored with City Square? Go Bukit Indah instead! or you have always wanted to do grocery shopping but don't know how to go without a car? Here it is:

Singapore - Bukit Indah
1.From your place to Singapore Custom:
   From Boon Lay MRT Station: take CW 6 (not sure about the price, please ask the driver)
   From Boon Lay MRT Station: take CW 3 (S$4)

2. From Singapore Custom to Malaysia Custom
    Repeat step 1
    same if your are taking CW, remember to keep your ticket

3.  From Malaysia Custom to Bukit Indah  
     It will take another 20-25 mins bus ride.

You should take this route to if you are going to Legoland, but, you have to take the route to Legoland instead of Bukit Indah on step 3.

So what do they have in Bukit Indah? Jusco, Tesco, Sushi King, TGV Cinema, etc....

So wait no more! Take your passport and let's go to JB for one day or half day or two days trip!
The hotel there a pretty cheap too, you can a proper one around RM110.00, quite worth it.

My humble stomach said KFC in Malaysia is more yummy

The must try Lat Jiu (Chili) pan mee! No need to go KL! JB also got!
Choc Mud Cake from Secret Recipe. Yea, it wouldnt go wrong ! All time favourite!
bear with me, selfie! say cheese!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Food Review: Humble Beginnings Cafe

This is the outlet I visited which situated inside City Square

I like their wall paper and interior design of the cafe as a whole.

Nah, This is the one that I tasted. It costed around 10 Ringgits Malaysia? Can't remember.

[Food Review] Humble Beginnings Cafe
Rating: I have only tried the Chocolate flavour, so my review is basically on that piece of cake only. In my view point, it doesn't taste as good as Nadeje, as the texture is a bit rough, it just missed out the softness that a mille crepe suppose to have. But well, as I said I only tried one, so I could have tried the wrong flavour. The decors are very nice with its wall murals and signboards which are well designed. The ambience is very good, and it is a suitable place for afternoon tea.
Environment: ★ ★ ★ ★
Food: ★ ★
Service: ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: ★ ★

Humble Beginnings Cafe, City Square
J6-05, Level 6, City Square
Johor Bahru 80000
Johor, Malaysia

【我是吃货】Humble Beginnings Cafe
评价:说真的,比起Nadeje,口感略差了点,质感粗,没有mille crepe应该有的细致感。但是也不能一概而论,毕竟只尝了巧克力口味。店面装潢得很用心,墙上的壁画和招牌都设计得很好。环境很优,是个适合下午茶的地点。