Saturday, May 5, 2012


I just wanna run away, for the time-being.
I want to sleep 24-7 but I can't, insomnia invading when I try to close my eyes.

oh please oh please employ me! So that I can have my single getaway every now and then -.-
I don't want to be a lawyer in near soon, I want to do something that I wish to do. But..still, reality is an obstacle


beh dong and beh tahan.

Don't feel like doing things, still, I have so much of responsibility/task to shoulder on, submission and evidence presentation waiting to be done, and final is coming (some of the book I haven't even start reading yet! doomed!)
My shoulder isn't broad enough to shoulder too much things, and I felt like collapsing N.O.W!

This is the verdict. You bu shuang, then appeal la, but what ground you want to use as the basis to appeal?
If apex court d, then go for judicial review. I am not good at that.

Can I just do nothing and RUN AWAY just for today? Nope, cannot. the workload will pailing up like a mountain tomorrow (Sunday suppose to be Sabbath Day), still have to face it. sigh!

think of jogging alone. I knew it's dangerous but I don't care. I have no ways to calm myself down already. Getaway plan won't work, no money no time too busy.

GO jog! as a small small getaway