Saturday, February 25, 2012

When I say nothing at all

When I don't argue, it doesn't mean I give in all, but I just want to save my energy to quarrel.

When I don't talk, it doesn't mean I have nothing in my mind, but I just don't feel like talking to you.

When I smile, it doesn't mean I am happy, I just pretend that I'm fine, in the eyes of public.

When I don't tell about my problem, it doesn't mean I don't have one, but it is that I have too much of problem which I don't know which one I should tell first.

I am not a person who like to argue, I just feel tired. I am just lazy to explain.
I don't snatch people's belongings (particularly boyfriend, so worries not.)

In the end of the day, I just lost my ability to convey the message from my heart.

case closed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hot topic in town: Jeremy Lin

If thing ain't going well, I'll have to understand that God has a perfect plan that He has more wisdom than me, and that I need to give my desire up to him. Sure it's ok for me to want something but when I want something I need to make sure it's for a right reason.

-Jeremy Lin