Sunday, June 5, 2011

Which way?

I am proceeding to my final year of LLB when the next semester commence. I knew I will go through it (to final year but it doesn't mean to sound stand-offish), but it's the grades that matter for me. Now what ponder me is Which way should I opt for after LLB? I knew I still have 1 more year to go, but it's never too early to start planning.

Chamber? I don't feel like chambering anymore! I hate 9-5 working life. It sucks. Tonnes of files, forms, agreement haunting me like no-end. Uhh, perhaps I should try for criminal litigation before I conclude my mind?

Work in the country I like? and forget about the LLB that I've studied for 4 years. Hmm, I would be crying if I have to sacrifice in this way as I've put so much efforts on it.

I've always wanted to go oversea to pursue my study since I'm young. (Then why on earth do you oppose to your parents' idea for sending you to England after SPM/STPM?) Now I regret can? Though I love Law Faculty, UM (University of Malaya), but deep in my heart, I still love to go further. I wish to go beyond this.

Postgraduate studies? Oh my, I hate study!! I don't feel like studying even for my degree!
How can I study in foreign university without sitting for exam or rushing post grad thesis? :(

I want to study in very nice ambiance like the picture above! How can my dream come true? :(

I don't want to work and at the same time don't want to study as well.
My mom told me to find and marry a rich man :( urhh

During my visit to Japan, particularly on the day which I met with ALSA Japan's friends, Kaga-san and I went to Shinobazu Pond and Western Art Museum, I always asked him,
"Kaga, which way(to go)?"
He will then tell me "This way." and in the end of the day, he told me "Today, I've told you many times 'this way, that way."
And we burst out laughing :)

Anyone loves pictures? I am thinking of whether should I continue to write my dis-continued Kota Kinabalu journal (It's 1 year ago!) and other trips. Bear with me, guys! I'm just too lazy! XD