Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's wrong! :(

okay, something goes wrong when u keep peeping on someone facebook's page.
I'm nonetheless than an ordinary girl, no ones will ever fall for me.

Why people get handsome, wealthy and good boyfriend but not me? yeah, I can't complain. Everything is unfair in this world.

Doing my legal attachment in the means, erhmm, not much to write about, just ordinary office life , the only interesting things is get to deal with different type of funny clients. Those who though law firm is Night Market and asked for discount, those who claimed himself clever than the lawyer, those who scolded the lawyers and said the lawyer sucks their money. Endless list! But true, it's interesting, i enjoy watching the 'drama'. However, I think I won't be happy if i am in the lawyer's position. hah :)

Keep on watching movies this holidays, especially Thai Movies. Oh my god,I'd fall in love with Thai production since the 'sin lek lek tee liaw wa rao?'.

Let me recommend some high rated Thai Movie for you all:
1. BTS Love Story (oh, ken lo mak mak!!) Lo means handsome :>>
2. Hello, Stranger
3. 爱久弥新 ความจำสั้น แต่รักฉันยาว
and more to come...!!

This is an indication that I'm not happy currently when I keep on watching movie/drama and sleep like there's no tomorrow.

I hope I can have someone who understand me and my feelings. But that's close to impossible.Big sigh!