Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good guys love bad girls

I don't understand why (most of the) girls like to take advantage(s) from guy?
Apparently, I 'm not one of them.
I won't take a single cent from you if I don't like you.
If a guy wanna date me out (with the reason that he's interested in me) but he is not the cup of my tea, I'll certainly say no.

But I have lots( or even tonnes) of girl friends who loves to do so.
They like to hang up with guys, spend up their money etc.
They enjoy the present, bouquet of flowers given by guys.

If I don't like you, I won't even take your gift.
Maybe that's the reason why guys wouldn't come after me?
Ok, I mean, I am prettier than some other girls. But guys prefer the later. lmao.

I wonder why the girls who like to take advantage of boy won't guilty for their action?

I met a guy that day on the street. He woo(ed) me before.
But when he saw me, he acted like he don't know me!!
oh my, what the heck is this!
whatever la, like i care? But it's his attitude that pissed me off!
Come on, I have my choice too!

a post before March ends.