Monday, February 21, 2011

Beware of Your Words

ok, basically just a short and quick update.
Thought of posting this because someone's words made me felt offended.

In Today's Sermon, Brigette said about words, yes , what comes out from your tongue.
It has power, power to cure or to curse.

Words kill, Words give life, either fruit or poison - YOU CHOOSE!

Ok, curse doesn't mean only those dirty or foul words, it includes words that discourage, stir up someone nerve, bring someone down etc.
People don't need other to discourage them. They themselves already discourage themselves.

Be wise on your words, it may HURT! You may not felt that the other party is sad but in fact it does.

To the one who made me discourage, I will pray for you, sincerely.
I wouldn't blame you,no worries. God bless.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


In the mist of rushing my homework i found Thai movie titled <初戀這件小事>, with the several english name such as 'Crazy Little Thing called Love' or 'First Love' . It first catches my eyes when I saw many of my friends sharing about this movie on facebook. Nevertheless, I have no intention to watch it until I came across the mv of a song of it on facebook which posted by one of my friend. I have then decided to watch it due to the touching trailer!
Since it's a Thai production movie, the language used was Thai language. Albeit I have joined Thai Language Class(Beginner) last year as my university elective subject for one semester, I still can't catch what the characters say in the movie without referring to the subtitle. They spoke too fast and some of the words I haven't learn before. (good excuse! [wink] )
The version I downloaded comes with Chinese subtitle. phewwww... Luckily, if not, I will have missed such a good movie for the reason that I can't understand what are they talking about! Well, I do understand a little bit like a-rai(what), makmak(very), neng(one), song(two), saam(three) ect. So when there is a scene of taking photograph I knew it means "1,2,3!" when the photographer says " neng, song, saam!" (laugh!)
Okayyy, well. This is a nice makmak(very) movie. Hence, I decided to promote it! I downloaded it on this Monday, 14/2, yes, Valentines' ! Nevertheless, I did not manage to watch it immediately due to the no-ending homework! Until yesterday night, I really can't stand with all the workloads and so fed up, I decided to give myself a movie therapy! Yes, Movie Therapy! And of course, this movie is on top of my movie list!

So, I watched. I want to give it 100 (prefect) marks if I can! The actors and actresses are all good in acting! It resembled me so much that I cried twice! I would not tell you which scene that makes me cried but I think you can easily figuring it out once you watched it <:
It makes me think back those guys that I met before, particularly the senior I admired during my Form 1 and Form 2. He was once the sportsman of the year in my school and district. Nevertheless, he'd already married and he is not the same him as before. duh, whatever la, like I care. Hmm, I did many crazy things like the girl in the movie do. Being woo by guys, admire someone but just don't have enough courage to go for it but keep doing silly things for him, and from a ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. ok, I may not as beautiful as her but I did ugly before! I am heavier than my present weight when I am in Primary Six (not too heavy though), and I start lose weight when I entered into Secondary School, stress, perhaps? After that, I got whiten especially during Form 4 or Form 5 because I have my parents to send me to school instead of cycling. Hence, less exposure to sun! More so when I entered into Form Six (Pre-U), when I started with all beauty regime like masks, skincare products etc.

Ok, I just can't describe how I fascinated with this movie. You gotta watch it by yourself then maybe you will know me! Haha! Judging from the trailer and overwhelming responses from the internet (just google it by yourself then you will know it!)you can tell it's superb!


This is a MUST WATCH movie! And I bet you wouldn't regret after watching it! If you want me to compare, this is for sure much more better than [Ice Kacang Puppy Love], I personally not fond on 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love'. For girls, Mario Maurer (the main actor) is definitely a charming prince! And for guys, Pimchanok is so sweet and beautiful like the real princess. Thailand not only famous with its transgender okay? They do have plenty of lengcai lenglui* in Thailand too!! (not only Taiwan that have lengluis!)
Just watch it, it definitely worth a try! Just google it or get the movie from me personally. I can't put the donwload link here, it's unethical. (I studied Intellectual Property k, we have to respect others' hardwork! )
Oh, and I want to go Bangkok so much before and after watching the movie. Actually not related to the movie at all, as I want to go Bangkok just for the reason of wanted to have a shopping spree there. I knew I should have stop my shopaholic syndrome since CNY is over, but I just can't help. Girls want to buy clothes now and then without referring to the calendar when is the CNY when is christmas.
All the best and have a nice day :>

* lengcai means Handsome guy while lenglui means pretty girls if you are not aware of it <3

Friday, February 11, 2011

Heart-wrenching valentine.

This is so disheartening.
Not only I will be alone during valentine, but...sigh!

I am just a simple girl
yearn to be dote by a man who can loves me 100% whole-heartedly

I am hoping that there'll be a shoulder for me to cry on when I am mentally worn out.
I am hoping that there'll be a man who are more than willing to wipe off all my tears.
I am hoping that there'll be a guy who will try his very best to do everything for me, like? plucking down a star for me from the sky? I'll consider him a cute guy ;)

I am just that simple.
Please don't mess things up.
Enough of tears.

eh eh eh
u, u, u, and You infront of your computer,
do introduce some good guys to me leh, want to lelong myself ady.poor things!

simple girl.