Friday, October 22, 2010

Calling all Malaysian who is 21 years old and above

especially youngster like me! Who just gained their gold key by celebrating 21st birthday!
Yes, you might get a gold key during your birthday from your parents symbolize that you are awarded absolute freedom(as long as not against the local circumstances and subject to legal constrain)

Okay, well, but remember that!! You have another DUTY + RIGHTS as a Malaysian, which is to VOTE! You have a rights cum duty to participate in the progress of the whole nations, at least as a voter.

Have you register as a voter already?
If you have yet to be register, get yourself REGISTER AS A VOTER now! (yes, there's no time and I see no reason for you to hesitate)
As long as you are a Malaysian citizen and aged 21 years and above, you are eligible!

Public: " but where to register? so lazy leh...troublesome la!"

Hey it's not! You can register at any of the post office which located near to you!

Sometime, SPR or the authorities do held mobile registration at public area, I saw twice, one at Malacca Jonker Street, the other at Batu Pahat Summit Parade.
But I'll suggest you to go to the post office instead of waiting for the mobile registration counter to come to your doorstep.

As in my case, I live just behind the post office, I need only 2 to 5 mins to walk to the P.O. I understand that not everyone live near to post office, but you can ask your friends or relatives who haven't register yet to join you, then you all can car pool! Environment friendly and money(fuel) savvy!
Oh ya, remember to bring along your identification card(IC)! For verification purpose but the person-in-charged who attended to you at the counter.

In the case that where you have forgot whether you register already or not, you can always log on to this website and check :]

Just key-in your ic number and viola!
This is mine! :D
WARNING: Informations revealed in this blog are subjected to the protection under Data Protection Act 2010. In any case where violation found, the author reserve the rights for legal action.
(sorry~ I study too much law stuffs already. You can see how nerdy I am as I typed out the above disclaimer.)haha
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Tarikh Lahir (preferred not to be disclosed by the author)
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DUN 144 / 10 - TANGKAK
Parlimen 144 - LEDANG
Negeri JOHOR

Be a responsible citizen =) You can hate your government, but don't you ever hate your nation!
We love Malaysia, aren't we?

The coming election ( I can see that it's around the corner already) will be the first time i go for voting! very much anticipated and I am sure it will be fun! * fingers crossed*

Tadda.see you in my next post!