Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Black and White in My Life

've been a long time since i last updated my blog.It's going to rot and start forming spider web i guess, haha.

Practically I have nothing to blog about. Ya, my life is dull and dry, not as colourful as my audiences. lmao!

Well, it's already fifth week of my fifth semester. and going to be sixth week starting from tomorrow. Even went for shopping and bought a lot of new clothes! I still spend a lot though I didn't buy branded stuffs and that's why I am totally broke now!

Everything settled down :) that's just nice. Nevertheless, I just yearn for a little more best thing to come forward to me. Please my lord, I know you heard my prayer. 1) I want it. I need it. and I really do. 2) We've missed once. I don't want to forfeit another air tickets. That's all. I bought it and hope for creating another best memories for us, but not disappointment. I know you will arrange the best solution for us.

During my holidays, I went for attachment (on my own accord, which without reporting to the faculty) in a small firm. The lawyers there are pretty nice and friendly. I am grateful to be there for five weeks which I've learn a lot, see a lot and done a lot ;) It's not easy to be a lawyer afterall! After the five-weeks attachment, suppose I was in Taiwan to enjoy my holidays. But for some reason, I was forced to forfeit the ticket.(which I would not want to repeat the story here again) Nevermind, don't look back, we will sure have better things ahead and in the future! Be optimist babe!

Hmmm... let's go into topic of the day- BLACK AND WHITE>>>> yea? yeah!
I've been thinking about this post long ago.

BLACK and WHITE. Do you like it? Frankly, I don't like black. I hate it to the most! I barely have shirt in black. The two black T-shirt I have are both UM Mock Trial T-shirt 2009 and 2010.Haha!

But still, I have to deal with black and white very much in my life! Basically, there are three major black and white which I can't live without. Can you guess what is it?


The answer is BIBLE, LAW, and PIANO.

1. Holy Bible
Religion is one and even the main part of my life, although I have yet to be baptize (I believe that I would do it some day). I have never hold joss sticks for many years already and have been try to avoid to go to temple =]

Few days ago, two of my friends kind of shocked when I said I want to go church with another coursemate. well, please don't doubt me, only my lord can doubt it. (But I am not angry with you guyz k? =)

Lord, I believe; help thou my unbelief.
-Mark 9:24

I've went caroling for every Christmas since five years ago. I love the moment. and I am instilling a practice in myself to read bible before I sleep, take it as a quiet time for only me myself and God.

No offence to other religions. I believe that every religion teach us good.And through religion, it makes us a better person. Cheers!

2. LAW
It seem very likely that law would be my livelihood in the future. Since I had enrolled into this course.
I think I am growing fond into my faculty !! <3>
Hmm, do I love law? do I love the court that claim to uphold justice and equality? well, seriously, I can't answer you right now.
People tend to have different perspective at different stage. I used to hate my faculty when I first entered into my tertiary life(perhaps due to the Freshman Orientation Week and also some selfish persons around), but now I changed! I am grateful that I was given a chance to study at here :)(though I can't tell you whether I regret for not going to NUS, Singapore or not.)When I first hate my faculty, I never want to be a lawyer. When people questioned me, I just said I come here just to get a degree, that's all. I believe that the whole circumstances changed my mindset, and perhaps, my buddies. Seeing them doing so well in big legal firm do inspire me to perform better. LOVE MY BUDDY LINE more and more ! Yay!

I can't tell or say that I will never regret for entering this faculty for this moment. Whatever. I BELIEVE that TIMES will tell. Be patience :)

For this one, I can confess that I am really regret for not learning and practising it when I was young!If I can travel back to the past, I should have put in more effort in getting and passing the grade eight piano exam of Assoc. Board of Royal Music School.Blame myself for the laziness :(
ishh, now I have to learn and practise back what I have learnt for.

Currently using Kawai in my KL home. Used to play Young Chang in my friend house. But I think Yamaha is the best. Not because of my teacher is using it, but, I just love the sound it produced.

I want to be a lawyer cum piano teacher! =D Word hard toward this, babe!

I think that's all for today. See You ^-^ Hopefully in a near soon!