Wednesday, July 7, 2010

some lame cheer us up

to cheer myself up, more precisely.

"What is your name?"
'Miss Fong.'
"Oh, Miss WONG!"
'FONG, not Wong."
-------- later on
" eh, Miss Wong~ blah~~~~~..........."

swt u know?
Did I pronounce wrongly or what? People tend to take me as Ms Wong,especially when I work as receptionist two years ago.
Maybe I should instead marry a guy which his surname is WONG~
(too bad, I don't see any potential WONG around me :( and I don't have many male friend whose surname is WONG)

"Family Law one sem only?"
"How to study?"

I was thinking deep in my heart, ' take out the books, open it and read. ', this is called study, isn't it.

-------------uh, can't think of any joke anymore.
think I shall stop here.

p/s: am really HaPPY to get some benefit from blogging :) It feels good ^-^ Welcome to work with me, give me some advantage(s) and I shall write/ advertise for you ;)) [I wanna earn more earn more. coz I had spent much money recently on clothes.broke.]