Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear all, have u heard of 'Beauty Talk' before?

The 'Beauty Talk' I referred to above doesn't mean normal beauty talk (chit-chat on beauty issue) but it's more! It's actually a brand which is rather well-known among beauty savvy.

I have been longing to own this product since I came across it at some online beauty forum. However, due to its price, I dare not to buy.(yadda yadda I scared my mom'll slaughter me XD)

Until one day around April, I get to know that AiShop which is the online retailer of Beauty Talk's product is having their promotion for the Oxy Series Trial Kit, I quickly get myself one set of it wiithout hesitate. ;DD It cost me only RM34.90! wow, itsn't it a steal ?

I received my parcel the next day after I made my payment. However, it may varies if you're living in some rural(ehem,ulu) area or some place which the courier service do not have their branch at there.

I usually use online transfer (maybank2u.com) because it's hassle free and I don't need to drive to the bank for the sake of bank-in money for the seller. See how easy it's for online shopping! I don't even need to step out from my home. ;)

It came with a nice packaging
Different type of girls, modern, sexy,cute, sassy~~ omg, i' m crapping.

dang dang dang dang~~~~~~~~~~~~finally these babes are mine! superb duperb happy =D

I am here to recommend you all with this superb Beauty Talk Oxy Mask! It's really effective! But too bad, i had already finished up my two little tube of oxy mask, so I can't show you the before and after's picture like other beauty advertisement do. Nevertheless, I assure to all my readers that this is an extremely good and not-to-be-missed product.
(Readers: then why don't you repurchase? HM: I wish I could but I am running out of $money$ T______T[cry on the floor] )

Step by step to use Oxy Mask:
1. Cleanse and Dry your face
2. Apply a thin layer of Oxy Mask on your face (and of course, avoid eyes and lips area)
3. Massage a little bit
4. Leave it for 5-10 minutes
5. and see the miracles, haha.
You can hear sizzling sound and the bubbles started to form on your face.
6. After 5-10 minutes, remember to rinse it off.

After using it, you will get
-and more miracles which awaited to be found out by yourself!!! :o

More descriptions copied from their website :-

Beauty Talk OxyMask using Perfluorodecalin (Oxygen Carrier) penetrates deep into the skin layer to increase the oxygen level, and our skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing to gain beauty naturally! OxyMask also contains nutrients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hayahibara Trehalose, Saccharide Isomerate and etc, which provides whitening, firming, moisturizing and softens the appearance of wrinkles effects.

This brand new bubble facial mask improved the disadvantage of the paper mask! [OxyMask] pumps oxygenated essences into skin and creates oxygenated bubbles! Now, you can experience the “bubble bath” while inhaling the magical pure oxygen! High level of oxygen improves skin texture effectively! Repairing, cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, firming, whitening, gently exfoliating effects all in one by just OxyMask!

You might think that it's over picey, however, from the result that it delivered, i can tell you it really worth the price :]

All in all, It's a fun mask~ Do sing Colbie Caillat 's while doing this bubble mask, and enjoy~~hahaha

Do joined Beauty Talk's Facebook to know more! * I guess everyone have at least one fb account nowadays? lol.

You can purchase the trial kit at AiShop first to see the result before you buy the big bottle 1. :) Their price are cheaper than Sasa outlet, and not only that, they delivered it to your doorstep!

Last but not least, it's a product which is highly recommended by Lasy First (nv ren wo zui da), the famous Taiwan Beauty Programme, have a look on this video clips: -

Buy it now while stock last! The Oxy Series Trial Kit really worth it :) With discount more than 40 % and exclusively at AiShop only!

Kick start your day with healthy beauty routine ~

Aishop.com : http://www.aishop.com.my/
Beauty Talk Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/beautytalk.malaysia?ref=search

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the East Borneo - Day 2

Day 2
woke up at 6:30am, East Malaysia's sun raise earlier than West Malaysia.You'll already feel pretty hot like noon time at 10am or 11am.

Went to Gaya Street Fair, conveniently located at the downstairs of my lodge. It's actually some sort like Night Market( Pasar Malam). Bought some keychains and kuih cincin as souvenirs.
Had chicken rice at Five Star Restaurant right beside Stay-in Lodge. Five star is only a name for it, its environment does not seem to be 5 star anyhow~ But the chicken rice taste heavenly delicious. No wonder so many customers, until we have to share our table with others.

Walked to Jesselton Waterfront, it's a harbour.

The harbour

We took a ferry there to Tunku Abdul Rahman(TAR) Marine Park. TAR Marine Park consisted with 5 island, which is Sapi Island, Sulug Island, Gaya Island, Manukan Island and Mamutik Island. You can choose how many islands you want to go, and of course on different rates! ;D
I picked 2 islands, and the ferry fares cost me RM25.

I am ready~weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~I guess the life jacket is xxs size, it is pretty small (-_-")

First Island, Mamutik Island. The water are really crystal clear and you can see fishes clearly with your bare eye. I rented the mask for snorkeling so that I can have a better look at those fishes and coral. You can even touched them!

Rented a mask for RM10. Do I look like avatar? (-_-") haha

I heard many of the China tourists (the have their special accent which is easily recognized.) claimed that they had bite by the fishes. But I didn't experience it.

The next destination is Manukan Island. I was really disappointed. It had been polluted, and the water aren't that clear compare with Mamutik Island. Because too many tourists visit, perhaps? I can see rubbish in the water while snorkeling (yuckss!!) potong-steam saja!
So we went to the beach and rest and departed from the island at about 4pm.
It's about to rain so the ferryman speed up very much, and the water splashed on my body and make me wet. (-_-") The wave was very high because it gotta rain soon. Nevertheless, it's an exciting ride!hahaz

At the time we reached at the harbour, it started to rain. We ran like hell to the new shopping mall beside Jesseltion Point, named Suria Sabah. Had our dinner there. I found that food in KK are not so cheap afterall, almost the same price with KL. hmm.

Next we collected our Car(rent 1) and drive to Kudat.
Here end my second day at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

(to be continued......)

stay tune! ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To the East Borneo - Day 1

Here is the long-waited journal for my Sabah Trip, prepare your popcorns and stay on for more exciting post :D

1st Day
I am too petty(pretty as well k :D ) and bought 7am flight. -.-" kononnya to save cost.
The consequence is I have to sleep at the airport for the whole night. (terrible~~)
Arrived at around 9:30 pm, walked all the way from airport to a not-so-nearby bus stop (more than 1km i guess? ) , took a bus there to Wawasan Bus Terminal, then from the terminal, hop on City Bus towards Gaya Street.
Their buses are very different from West Malaysia's. much smaller.

Wawasan Bus Fare RM 1.00
City Bus Fare RM 0.50

My accommodation at Sabah located at Gaya Street- Stay-in Lodge
(Initially wanted to go for Akinabalu Youth Hostel, but the receptionist told me full already, then we headed for other hostel.)
Price: RM 55 for an air-cond Family Suit, with one King Size bed and one double-decker bed.
Review: not bad! You would get a card to open the gate, like a hotel :) Bathroom are small but acceptable. The room is rather big and the air-cond was pretty cool, it freeze me at night :|
sorry but no picture of the room, forgot to take.

Head to One Borneo Shopping Center (by taxi @ RM 25, it's expensive dude! only now i regret)
Had my lunch+dinner at New York New York. I am having luxurious meal while I traveling as a backpacker and have a tight budget (not to mention taxi fares)..hmm.
Here is the Fish n Chip->

The fish is very fresh. I wonder do they catch it by themselves? since Sabah is so near with the sea. haha.

After loitering at One Borneo and also the PC fair held there, our next destination was --> Tanjung Aru Beach ;DDDD
(took minibus from One Borneo to Wawasan Bus Terminal and from the terminal changed another bus to the beach.)

nice or x ? nice or x? nice or x? MUST say nice u know XDDDDDD
ate sweetcorn at the beach and drank an over-priced drink- Avocado Milk. Guess how much? RM7! man!!!!!
[after that,took cab(again >"< omg) for 20 bucks from Tanjung Aru back to Gaya Street]
-bed time-

( to be continued....)

btw, found out some exciting news that stimulate my mood - I may have the chance to go NZ and US the very soon (not so soon lah afterall), since B and T both are going to pursue their undergrad and postgrad studies respectively in the two countries. woohoo. and Air Asia is going to fly NZ soon! Yayy
But not me, I am not keen in taking up master nor phd study at this moment. No LLM for sure, maybe MBA still can consider. lolx