Friday, May 28, 2010


has been busy like a bee lately :s
working life, but i love it. please call me YOL- Young Office Lady ^^
bosses are all friendly and good although sometime they might be too busy until no time to entertain me ;D
so far, okay :D learned a lot
excuse me, I am not doing admin job, I never photostate paper / type paper.
I am on a position which need to use my brain :) but my cells almost all died (terkandas) everytime when i off work.

I believe that in our life journey, we practice "give and take"
when you want to get something, why don't be initiative to step out d 1st step?

back from KK, lazy to write for travel journal..ehem, i hope it'll up here soon.
somebody, pls cure my laziness pls~ ishhhh
next trip coming soon, yay !!

Ko-K camp,
dearest coursemates,
only when we hold hand in hand, then only i know how deep our friendship is.
Thank you all for everything :D

I am really bussssyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
so just spare some time to jot down (as a way to remind myself) what I shall(mandatory) do and how shall I spent the rest of my holidays:-

- practice piano (please~~~~~~~ask zy lao shi to kill me. XD i havent done my homework yet)
- learn cooking and baking.wee~~~
- sew and DIY something out. my knitting set and clothes are all on dust. poor them :(
- watch more dramas (since when i had abandoned PPS? :( )
- blog more XD
- find back my long-lost JC friends! I want to join 222 gathering :( but I can't go Spore. this mission is tough.
- learn how to doll myself up, I just purchased some fake eyelashes, but I don't know who to put on it :( I am sucks in putting up makeup
- dote my family, spent more time with papamama :]
- enough!haha~ but subjected to changes make by me from time to time!
- the most important 1, close to god <3 I should know why jie put the book on my table, it's for me to spent some time with god everynight

till then, gudbye~

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lin Dan's Breakdance!

Lin Dan, the Chinaman, took off his shirt and did a breakdance to celebrate his victory in the semi-final of Thomas Cup at Stadium Bukit Jalil, which is the game against our Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
Some say he is lan si
Some say he is arrogant (actually lan si also substitute to arrogant lah.lolx)
Some say he is over-confident
Some say he is showing-off
Some say he dance like a chicken XD
whatever la~
But I found lin dan 's action interesting! ;)

Although our Malaysia team defeated by China team, I am very satisfied with Wong Choong Han! He played very well just now, and he never give up/surrender till the last second.
The spirit of never-say-die and persistence is what everyone of us should hold <: isn't it?

* pictures grabbed from internet sources.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


sometimes, you just don't feel like explaining, at all.

who cares? :>
as long as there are people out there who still trust that you're not wrong [=

goodbye bloggie, will be back soon
viola~dear beddie..heee

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crying baby

cried like a baby?
not to yearn for sympatise. crying is not something to be proud of, but 'mempersiasuikan'.

Oh? I write this purposely because two(or 3?) days ago i really cried like a baby in Law Fac Library.
The same place, same floor, same toilet. same style as the picture shown. lolx.
Different seniors bump into me crying in the toilet.
(sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy if I shocked you ;) )

back to the study table, still crying.
someone come over to me and wanted to borrow my notes for photocopy purpose. I said can.
(I am writing on you. hehe. you know la...)
The someone was shocked. and said "eh, you cried?" and dare not to take my notes already. lolx.
The someone was ...(scared? interpret from the-some-one's face. whatever, I don't know. haha, you can let me know how you felt particularly on that night [privately] if you want ;) )
I guess you know the reason I shed my tears? ( hints: the saga from the day you msn-ed me and if you followed my blog [= )

wailed for whole night.
ruins my study time.
felt like I am so stupid.
why am I cried for those things? ishhhhhhhhhhhhh.
[is a plural here. more than one incident. more than one character involved. ]

cried for the aggrieved feelings. felt like kena bullied.
no more, please. I will shun even if you don't walk away.

for those who like to 对号入座, I would like to draw your attention that, you made me cried.
so, are you proud of it? satisfy now?

p/s: I miss smktm time...... :>

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I like this word so muchhh. Not because most of you will related it to " fu^k it " but...(emm, continue and enjoy reading.)
It described what I felt to "them" the most.

We're all living under "One Big Roof". It's like a small nation here. Thus, we have our system analogy to HRM(His Royal Highness), Prime Minister, Parliament etc etc.
According to Federal Constitution, Prime Minister have to step down if he failed to command the confidence of majority.

well, I had said, we live like a nation here. Though i am not trying to provoke, but I'll like to ask...what if our "head" doesn't do their works?(u orang pandai pandai SHOULD knew what i mean here).

I felt like the committees is facade. Excuse me, this verb is not to pronounce as "fak ket"( or fcuk it.) but, "fer sal" (it sounds much more graceful than you thought.). It means a false appearance that is more pleasant than the reality. To say it in a layman term, it looks good from outside but it's in fact ROTTEN inside. Get it? I hope you do.

I felt like USED. awfully.
I felt like I am so STUPID.
why do I done so much, put so much effort for those activities and yet they never appreciated what I have done? (How many times I went for Donation Drive asking $$ from others like a beggar? > 5 or even 10.)
why do I joins college's project so endeavouring to just to secure a place in Residential College?
Come'on all!

What our beloved Professor Dr. Axxx said in the speech he gave during last election period was still stay vividly in my mind,
"ARE YOU SO CHEAP? The tiny lousy room in PJ with RM300 can buy you (for a vote) ?"

well..It reminds me.
I felt like I am SO CHEAP, for once. WHY DO I SO STUPID AND JOINED the activities for the sake of getting a place in college? The feelings are bad, mind you.

I don't know how can I endured this place, and stayed for 2 years? nah, I admire myself so much. It if's not my mum, (I can tell you), I will had already moved out since long time ago.

During my freshman year, I was once thought I loved college so much. but now, let me tell you, LMAO LAH, it might just be my own illusion.
You all claimed that CC(Chinese Community) is second home for us, the undergraduates, who are out from home to pursue our studies at university. well, I don't felt it. No matter how you asserted that CC is WARM or what-so-ever. I just DON'T AND NEVER felt it.

Stepping into the end of sophomore year, my feeling to this college getting worse. Due to the unmannered people, administrative etc etc. All in all, I don't see any GOOD MEMORY(ies) the college had bring me for the past 2 years. When the makcik at canteen asked me why I never smile, I just fake it to her but deep in my heart, I was thinking "none of your business. I frown because I hate you I hate this college I am sick with all the stuffs here can?"

Recently, when people asked me, "are you going to stay in college next semester?", well, I don't know how to tell.

"I get a place, my name is in the stay list but I don't get a room?"

why? so complicated? nah, policies problem! I felt like they are so BIAS AND MY RIGHTS HAS BEEN DEPRIVED AT ONCE (regarding this matter), and I don't want to mention it anymore. Go and ask around and maybe you would get the answer.

Apart from that, I think SKR Registration System also got something for me to rant on!They just simply offered us 1 Elective, 1 and only. Either you take it or you don't take it. We left no choice. I don't see on what reason they harbour on to think that the indigenous course suit(or tailored?) for law students? This is so unreasonable.

Policies?policies???policies???? Policies!!what kind of policies is this? I don't see the point.

now, don't ask me to do account. For you all are not co-operate with me, so why on earth do I have to cooperate with you?

(This is my own opinion, and applied only for myself, subjectively. You can ignore and leave my blog forever if you don't like it and I do hope you scram as far as you could.)

Do you guy know why I don't want to be a lawyer? ..I am so upset. I can't even secured justice for my own self... If it's so, how am i going to defend or assist others? Hope that I will get my way some day in the future.

Unwelcomed comments will be remove by administrator, Thank You. In fact, you're not welcomed. I don't think I am wrong. I believe that everyone has their own perspective.

One thanks to my reader who rang me up and said "bravo, i must praise you for your bravery...(and blah.)"
Second thanks to the two collegemates who instant message-ed me and said "Good Job" wah..I never thought you guys will second to my opinion. Tq for being so supportive touched ;)
Third thanks to the one who text-ed me.
Last but not least, thanks to all who support me. You know who you are, hehe =)

To the one who hate this post, go ahead and backstabbing me again. I got already thousand wounds in my heart by all of you. One more doesn't make any different

btw, jie, you haven read this :( so sad. I cant see you from the traffic feed.