Friday, April 9, 2010

never say sorry! How RUDE?

I am calm enough to hold back my temper, else I might already yell some foul words at you under the heat of passion!

I am very disappointed. Not only to one particular person, but to people around me in general.
Even you bump into someone on the road, a reasonable right-thinking man would for sure apologize. This is some logic thingy which everybody even a 3 years old kid will know. There's no reason for why an adult above 18 years old can ignore it.

Example of
Case 1
Many days ago, in a very early morning, I went to the washroom. Our hostel is basically dormitory type, where you have only one or two big washroom(consist of few bathroom and toilet as well) each floor. I brought along my toothpaste,toothbrush and facial foam. (Of course I need to brush my teeth in the morning, I actually brush my teeth more than 5 times per day fyi. * and my seniors said i constituted water
After I brush my teeth, then I went in toilet. I put my utensils at the basin there.
When I came out from the toilet, I spot a girl taking my toothpaste. She saw me, and she quickly twist back the cap of the toothpaste and place it back (not exactly the same place where I put though). She looks at me, with " I didn't do anything wrong" 's face. I look back at her. She said nothing.
Come on lah, you know you are wrong! Couldnt you just apologize? Even if you don't apologize, I don't mind if you tell me " sorry ar..I thought that 1 mine 1" (or sumthg more foolish than this).
You say nothing. nothing! like nothing happen!
I am not stingy or whatsoever. I don't mind if you use it. But what I mind is your attitude. I don't know how you can act like nothing happens! You should knew what you did! You knew well but you want to deny it infront of me who saw it!
Forget it, I have no mood to scold nor talk. Your parents should play the role of moulding your attitude. No points for me to lecture you how you should say sorry to me.

Case 2.
well, happened just now. Someone accidentally hit my laptop and it makes weird sound(kiikiikaakaa sound). (Ya, my toshiba is kind of vulnerable. )
The fellow not even look at me. She act like nothing happen. (case 1 and case 2 is different person.)
I am not angry but just way too disappointed. I was 2 meter away from my computer and I witnessed the whole incident. Even if you don't want to say sorry , couldn't you just tell me and ask me why it sounds kiikiikaakaa?
You just don't bother!! What would you feel if I did the same thing to you?

There're actually more than 2 -this kind of incidents that happen on me.
It hurts everytime I recall how you all act on me.

It's that hard for you guyz to say sorry?
What I want is a mere "sorry" , you don't need to explain to me, as it already occurred. There's no way to save it. Even compensation can't do it.
It's that hard?

Some people just don't know how to say sorry which i hate it the most.
I am not stingy or put too much weight on those trivial things. Perhaps, it just occurred at the wrong time. when everything, seems wrong.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


琴棋书画,又称“四艺”,指古琴围棋(一 说为象 棋)、书法绘画,是中国古代文人所推崇和要掌握的四门艺术

In ancient china, in order to be so-called perfect lady, one has to profess "琴棋书画" skill
In my own explanation, I think

yup. I want to profess all of these.
I was thinking of self-enhancement since long time ago.

I learnt piano. Now what I only wish is that I could finish my lesson as soon as possible and pass the exam in near soon =) Before graduation, perhaps?

For chess, I don't know about chess but I do play othello. lmao. XD
Anyone feel free to offer me chess lesson?

Read? Don't you think I have enough book to read since I am in a course which need to read the most? ^-^

Arts, I do start learn sewing and making dolls for myself. The outcome? still need improvement.lolx. DIY Bag is my next target. xoxo.

Beside sewing, I do learn cooking and baking. I knew how to make chilled cheesecake okayy.

All in all, hopefully I would be very good in all these life skills beside study because my sister used to called me a "bookworm". She said I know nothing other than what was written on book.
sounds pity?

Yay, I must study hard for law cum learn more things! I want to get rid of the "bookworm" title thus I must equipped myself with all those skills beside reading those acts and rules!

Goodluck, everyone!
Enhance your ability! Goes beyond the limit! (sounds so FHT,haha!)