Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"3,2,1, action!"

"3,2,1, action!"
This is the phrase that I heard most on last Sunday.
Guess why?

I went for drama shooting! and ya, I am not the main character, for sure.
The day after my moots ended, the person-in-charge texted me, asked me free or not on Sunday. In a blurred situation( coz I still on my bed. reluctant to wakeup) I texted her back. Then when I woke up only I realized that I had agreed to go on the next day. shitt~~~

Being a responsible person, I dare not to call her and tell her i don't want to go. boh bian.Have to go eventually. I don't even know whether it's a malay drama or mandarin drama or movie whatsoever.

Yup. I went. I went to work as so-called 'kelefeh' XD

It's a mandarin drama, if not mistaken, NTV 7 production on collaboration with Mediacorp.
I saw some artists there, but I can't recall their name. As you know, I seldom watch TV nowadays. When I was in Johor, I used to watch Singapore Channel. So can't blame if I don't even know them when I bump into anyone of them on the street.
After scrutinize some papers that the person-in-charged put on table, I manage to figure out some of their name(It's written on that paper but I don't know who is who okayyy) got 梁丽芳,童冰玉,and a guy which his name I am quite aware of, 章缜翔。I saw 章缜翔 before on TV screen. I remembered he used to be one of the actor in Singapore Channel 8 's mandarin drama.

Do you still remember Singapore Drama ? He is Robert Zhang in that series.
I quoted from wikipedia
Robert Zhang (罗伯张, portrayed by Zzen Zhang (章缜翔)) - Son of Charlie Zhang. A cunning one like his father, he raped Yuzhu, thinking that it was actually Yueniang, and tortured her endlessly after marrying Yuzhu, even to the extent of drugging her and giving her to other men in exchange of business benefits. He was killed by Huang Tianbao, despite Robert's promise to return the money and distributorship to the Huangs.

They're actually quite okay. Not arrogant at all. 章缜翔 even say Thank you to my friend who was holding the camera after I took picture with him. Good personality thou.
Now only I know 章镇翔 is not a Singaporean. I thought he was, then I asked him. He told me he is Malaysian, KL summore.

It's not a tough job but very very boring. bored till you die. You have to wait one whole day for 1 or 2 scene only.
I spoke only 1 phrase( more than 30 chinese words, haha ) in a scene, with章缜翔(Zzen Zhang). lolx. In episode 6 or 7. If you want to know what's the title of the drama..hehe, stay tune! :p
Nice experience. At least good try? ^^

After work, tired face :] (I mean me okieee) he looks even better in normal wear^^ I knew he is very tired after one whole day of shooting but he still smile in front of camera :) super hot hunk!

童冰玉(Chris Tong), she is once a Champion in Malaysian (dunnoe what) pageant.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The first case in my life.

The first case in my life. and yes, I(we) did won it =)

I, together with the other three co-counsels represent the appellant(the aggrieved person) against Royal Malaysian Police and Government of Malaysia, in the Moot Court of UM on 26th March 2010, 8pm.

The case was heard by a judge which is a lawyer as invited by Dr. Gan.

I am so happy when I saw only 1 judge coming in, and he did looks kind-hearted + well-tempered. haha~
Well, I stand as second speaker.

The first speaker spoke on the facts and the ground on why public law should be use instead of private tort.
The judge then ask about locus standi (if you want to know more, take your owns effort to google it..It'll take ages if you want me to explain it). We had already divided our grounds for oral submission as such.

1st counsel: Public Law
2nd counsel,which is me,on Violation of fundamental liberties under Art 5(1) of Federal Constitution
3rd counsel will touch on locus standi and Para 1 Schedule CJA and Order 53
4th counsel dealt with remedies

When the judge suddenly asked about locus standi, we were so panic, as we already arranged the sequence and we thought that it will run smooth and each of us shall present on our ground while being questioned by judge on any part which his lordship dissatisfy.

Despite, the 3rd counsel stand and present.
Then while 3rd counsel present, the judge asked about the fundamental right which is what I in-charged of.

walao..die. Then I stand up is a kelam kabut situation, (so malu >,< ai seh!!!) His lordship asked how right to life had been infringed.
Then i cited the case of TTS, then he asked whether there is any Federal Court decision similar with TTS as TTS is CoA decision. then i quoted Lee Kwan Woh, but the case is not in our appellant bundle of authority!!(due to some so-called 'technical problem') I was so scared and I asked for his permission to quote from the case.
He didn't answer my question. Instead, he asked me on another case, don't know what "... Industrial"already, I couldn't recalled. BUT the problem is i never read/ come across the case that he mentioned.

Then i paused... There was a long long long paused..for 30 seconds to 1 minute i guess? so xia sui only. Then i apologise to him. Then his lordship said "Counsel for respondents, please present your submission."
I was like "wah..like dat how ar? die liao...he ask the other side to present, means don't want me to continue already?" Then I sat down. My heart sank. At the moment, I was so so so so so sad and scribble on the paper telling my co-counsel, we're vanished, we're going to lose our case!!Our grounds cannot stand, the judge don't want to accept.

respondent's counsels presenting.......... _________________________________________

After that, he asked us, the appellant whether we want to say something on damages that should be award.
Our 4th counsel then stand up to read her script.

After she had finished, judge straight away give his decision, and he ruled that the case before us shall come under public law and there was breach of fundamental right(which means my point he agreed la..I was so shocked as I open my eye looking at him unbelievable.) and he awarded damages as to the pain and loss that suffered.

WALAO EH~~~I thought I lose already. Cause he never ask the respondent's side ANY question whereas he asked me and my 1st co-counsel.

I was a bit upset, since my argument is correct why he don't want to let me proceed.(when I paused.) I wrote 7(SEVEN) PAGES of oral submission (script) for myself to present during the trial and i thought i can read it out all during the trial. WHO KNOWS!!!No chance at all, he spontaneous asked. and I had just spoke for 3 to 5lines of my scripts only. SO SAD SO SAD.

I had put so much efforts in writing my own oral submission but it ends up not useful at all as I have no chance to read them out. 7 PAGES. pity me!!!!!!!!!
ai seh sia-sia saya buat kerja. forget it. the decision which we won balanced my mood.

The process of preparing moots is terribly miserable. However, the time when we worked together will always in my mind. Thanks to my learned co-counsels' kindness, co-operation and encouragement all this while.

with my learned co-counsels.

Court rise~~~~~hehe

The first case in my life. The first time representing as counsel in "court" and won it.

Buh~BYe~~~~(FYI,This is my bundle of authorities.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Last Resort.

"I beg your indulgences , My Lord/My Lady.
Please bear with my ignorance.*"

*stupidity as well.

Monday, March 1, 2010


The very perfect's dream vanished and gone.
It would never ever come back :( The chance of being sponsor USD 2000 to travel.
I blame myself for being so stupid, handed in a lousy proposal.
I know no one would choose me.

But why let me know this competition only 10 hours before it's closing date?
I am pretty upset right now.

I know, and I remembered I said participation is one thing,and winning is just a bonus to it.like adding cream on top of cupcake, ya, beautify it.
But I really really hate that I have no time to do it in a perfect way.

Give me more time, I will definitely come out with the perfect one.
For Taiwan is the place that I went most in my dream.
But no more.now it's no more :(