Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Movies Review

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
watched at MBO Malacca with bunch of friends.
Feel good cause of the ex-classmates outing. They're all so cute ^^
Percy Jackson is the main character in the movie. He is not the actual thief.
The actual thief is another. The story begins with Percy had been accused of stealing the lightning.
The background of the story surrounded with God such as Athena, Olympus etc.
Overall, it's mend for those who love to watch fantasy stuffs.
Rate: 3/5

Little Big Soldier
watched at Genting's small(should be 'tiny') 's cinema.
A movie by Jackie Chan and Lee Hom.
It's just a very simple and 'small' story on a soldier and general. Jackie plays the role of soldier, who doesn't like war and preferred farming. While Lee Hom, the General, wants to unite all the provinces.
It worth because Lee Hom is so handsome yet cute. XD
Rate: 3/5

First time doing review..haha :p

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I believe I can fly

(printscreen-ed from claudia's blog)
coz I felt like making one (life-goal aka wish list) for myself too.
2010 May -Sabah
2010 June- Taiwan/ Thailand (?)
2010 July - Perth
2010 August - Thailand?(mid sem break)
2010 Nov - Thailand?
2010 Nov/Dec - Shanghai, China (I already reserved it for the exchange programme..Dear dean, pls conduct the interview asap and let me pass,yay!I know all of us in faculty wants to go, then sent all of us :p)
2011 May- Sarawak
2011 June- Hong Kong/Korea
2012 June- Japan (yay! set for my own convo trip)
2013 and onwards- Europe.

My mum had always told me that she yearn to go Europe countries rather than China which dad loves so much and brought her along for many times already. Even today, they're in China for CNY trip. They went last week and will be back by tomorrow *and I am waiting for my souvenirs and most important one, chocolates*XD Thus, I have already planned to bring mum to Europe once I have the ability (ya, need to wait after 2012 alr.coz need 2 more years for me to get graduated.)

I know perhaps I can't make it for all of it. I will be kinda satisfy if partial of it can ON.
After all, who doesn't love travel, right? But I know the first thing I have to do now is study and score well, I don't want travel with the wrong mood :p

Many airlines are now doing airfare promotion. Can't decide which to choose..(FYI, I want book for Taiwan, and Thailand or any other interesting destination but Tw is for sure on my top list)

MAS around RM850 +/-(round trip)
Air Asia around RM 650 +/- (round trip)

Foreign airline?
? ?
Eva is offering at around RM770 +/- (round trip)
Jet Star around SGD 330 +/- (round trip)
Jet Star is budget airline (same as AA) while Eva Air is not.


STOP HERE. Stop thinking about all these stuffs. Move your butts get up to Study Room to study.(I can't bear the superb duperb hot weather at KL, no choice, but to go Study Room. Somemore, I get so distracted at room with the sounds made by the other two girls and also bing bang closing-door-sound of neighbours plus laptop!)

There are plenty of thing that I need to get it done. VEXING arghh
Agenda Due Date
Moots March (and I am in Group 3!)
PBL Assignment March (I dunno what to add already..the Review part.sienz)
Land Law Test 10/March
Consti Test after 24/March
Thai Presentation two weeks from now (Singing + Drama)
Thai Essay no idea (2,one for lyrics another for exam one)
Tutorials preparation endless!
and more to come =(

Last but not least, wanted to remind myself, CNY is over, stop buying stuffs like clothes, shoes, accessories etc.
Stay Happy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

An old joke to share

Venus: Bilik Bacaan, SMK Tun Mamat

Cikgu Mazlan: Who can tell me what's the motto of our school?
Student A: Suzuki
Cikgu Mazlan: (remain quiet)
Student B: wat? moto? Hanasaki?
Cikgu Mazlan: (still remain quiet)
Student C: Yamaha?
the same things continue until Student Z, Ms Zhi Kai who always scored number 1 in school exams.

"the motto of our school is Belajar untuk berkhidmat, " said Zhi Kai


Unfortunately, I am one of those who anwered suzuki, yamaha etc etc. =,=
well, this happened 10 years ago already.
Have a nice day, Cheers~