Friday, January 22, 2010

How do you define "beauty"?

I believed that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

About last week, someone forwarded a message to me. For sure I wouldn't reveal the content of it, word by word. By I can tell you, it will never be a good thing if a gurl comments another gal(maybe her 'foe', i guess?) as pretty yet modern. Never and ever! I can't read her mind, I don't know what come across her brain when she was typing this kind of message.
But afterall, it doesn't relevant with you whether I am pretty or not, right? I know I am pretty and it's totally none of your business.
If deep in ur heart, you kept me as a foe. I had nothing to say but to tell you go ahead. And the least thing I could tell you is, no worries, I wouldn't grab away him from you. You can have him and I won't fight, and for this I assure you! worries not!
The fellow shouldn't forward the message to me. like I care? totally ass!

I don't know why I getting oh-so-mad-and-fuss when people described me as "modern". I am not keen in putting makeup okay? I wear zero makeup in faculty and college. I see people with my "own face", with no concealment. I don't care there's any zits or scar on my pretty-face (although I do hope it dissapear when I bump into hot guys.). I am so REAL, at least, more than you.

I don't know how people define "beautiful"? I think it's quite subjective, based merely on personal own opinion.

For me, maybe I would get sad if you ever give me a label as "ugly" or synonymous, but the unpleasant feelings wouldn't last long, as afterall, who do you think you are? Why should I so care about how you judged/look at me?

Few weeks ago, when I was online-ing at living room while talking with my mum, and she commented that some/one of my friend look too mature. Then I asked my mum, " then how about me? I pretty or not?" She answered in affirmative, "You? Of course!" (*I was then laughing*)

I don't mind if 'm not 001. I don't mind if you doesn't want to categorise me as 'beauty'.
Because, I am pretty and nice-looking in the eyes of those who love me and to whom I love.
That's more than enough.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random update.

people said that I am lazy..coz I abandoned my blog and not update it.
well, kind of.
2nd Year 2nd Semester, as told by seniors, would pass very fast because we will be very very(very very in thai:maamak ;) ) busy in in tonnes of assignments + works!
Admin Law PBL Assignment, Yes liao lah!
Criminal Law Presentation + Slides, Yes liao lah!
Moots* , Yes liao lah!
Projek Ilmiah (some called it thesis, some called it project work, for our faculty, we need to hand in not during our final year but third year, else we can't proceed to final year), Yes liao lah!
Criminal tutorial under Datin (we shuffle with another group, hence, we are no more under the DPP, Encik Eunos anymore but have to face datin for another one sem :(sob sob I feel like it is mentally torture for me every thrusday from now on), Yes YES YES liao lah!

Thank God that I eventually pass Family Law paper. Nevertheless, my CGPA dropped (obviously). My PA (Penasihat Akademik:Academic Advisor.everyone of us will be assigned to a particular PA and under his mentor for the whole LLB course) said that it's "RESCUE-ABLE". haha~gotta work harder this sem to pull it back.

I actually have fun for the rest of my holidays after Family Law's result released. Went to a not-so-famous beach, Singapore (for sure) and Thailand as well. Photos will be updated next next next time when I go back home as the wifi in university is really suck! :[

Chinese New Year is only one month left, gotta prepare myself! I love shopping time though my budget is limited. New Year Resolution? Just one, stop burning down church anymore!!

Hey peeps, you know what? I actually taking Thai Language for Elementary Level this sem as EL(elektif luar fakulti, out faculty subject). sound cool, but I can tell you, writing in Thai alphabet is NOT FUN AT ALL. I feel so dizzy every time the lecturer ask us to practise it! We are like kindergarten children who inchoate in language. Everytime the lecturer spoke a word, we follow to pronouce it. Anyhow, I hope that I would be thai-savvy in the future. Then there would be less problem if I want to go Thailand especially in the moment of bargaining(girls love shopping!It's undeniable). Perhaps I would talk to you in some alien language (for your) the next time I see you. (*wink*) haha!

Just a random picture,

It has been ages since we last took photo together, agree? Picture taken during CC Tang Yuan Day this Tuesday night. Credit to the photographer, Nikel Khor.

I guess I would be more and more busy for coming week until the end of this semester. I wonder it's a good or bad thing actually.

*moot is a trial or discussion dealing with an imaginary legal case, performed by students as part of their legal training but in exactly the same way as a real one