Monday, November 1, 2010

Now i know why

Now I know why there are zero medic boy who wants to woo me.
Yea~ This is the answer:
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

I'd my Apple diet for 3 days continuously last two week.
Continuously, mean I didn't consume any food other than apple.
But generally I took about 3 apples per day.

I think I did slim down a bit. Ya, just a bit.
But after the 3 days, I eat more than I usually take,
then I put on weight again.
-- and ++, so I back to my normal weight. sien!

Moral of the story:
I should stop eating apple so that medic guys out there'll come for me.

Just a lame post out for no purpose, cheers =)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Calling all Malaysian who is 21 years old and above

especially youngster like me! Who just gained their gold key by celebrating 21st birthday!
Yes, you might get a gold key during your birthday from your parents symbolize that you are awarded absolute freedom(as long as not against the local circumstances and subject to legal constrain)

Okay, well, but remember that!! You have another DUTY + RIGHTS as a Malaysian, which is to VOTE! You have a rights cum duty to participate in the progress of the whole nations, at least as a voter.

Have you register as a voter already?
If you have yet to be register, get yourself REGISTER AS A VOTER now! (yes, there's no time and I see no reason for you to hesitate)
As long as you are a Malaysian citizen and aged 21 years and above, you are eligible!

Public: " but where to register? so lazy leh...troublesome la!"

Hey it's not! You can register at any of the post office which located near to you!

Sometime, SPR or the authorities do held mobile registration at public area, I saw twice, one at Malacca Jonker Street, the other at Batu Pahat Summit Parade.
But I'll suggest you to go to the post office instead of waiting for the mobile registration counter to come to your doorstep.

As in my case, I live just behind the post office, I need only 2 to 5 mins to walk to the P.O. I understand that not everyone live near to post office, but you can ask your friends or relatives who haven't register yet to join you, then you all can car pool! Environment friendly and money(fuel) savvy!
Oh ya, remember to bring along your identification card(IC)! For verification purpose but the person-in-charged who attended to you at the counter.

In the case that where you have forgot whether you register already or not, you can always log on to this website and check :]

Just key-in your ic number and viola!
This is mine! :D
WARNING: Informations revealed in this blog are subjected to the protection under Data Protection Act 2010. In any case where violation found, the author reserve the rights for legal action.
(sorry~ I study too much law stuffs already. You can see how nerdy I am as I typed out the above disclaimer.)haha
Nama FHM
Tarikh Lahir (preferred not to be disclosed by the author)
Lokaliti 144 / 10 / 05 / 005 - Tmn. Sentosa
Daerah Mengundi 144 / 10 / 05 - BANDAR TANGKAK UTARA
DUN 144 / 10 - TANGKAK
Parlimen 144 - LEDANG
Negeri JOHOR

Be a responsible citizen =) You can hate your government, but don't you ever hate your nation!
We love Malaysia, aren't we?

The coming election ( I can see that it's around the corner already) will be the first time i go for voting! very much anticipated and I am sure it will be fun! * fingers crossed*

Tadda.see you in my next post!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Black and White in My Life

've been a long time since i last updated my blog.It's going to rot and start forming spider web i guess, haha.

Practically I have nothing to blog about. Ya, my life is dull and dry, not as colourful as my audiences. lmao!

Well, it's already fifth week of my fifth semester. and going to be sixth week starting from tomorrow. Even went for shopping and bought a lot of new clothes! I still spend a lot though I didn't buy branded stuffs and that's why I am totally broke now!

Everything settled down :) that's just nice. Nevertheless, I just yearn for a little more best thing to come forward to me. Please my lord, I know you heard my prayer. 1) I want it. I need it. and I really do. 2) We've missed once. I don't want to forfeit another air tickets. That's all. I bought it and hope for creating another best memories for us, but not disappointment. I know you will arrange the best solution for us.

During my holidays, I went for attachment (on my own accord, which without reporting to the faculty) in a small firm. The lawyers there are pretty nice and friendly. I am grateful to be there for five weeks which I've learn a lot, see a lot and done a lot ;) It's not easy to be a lawyer afterall! After the five-weeks attachment, suppose I was in Taiwan to enjoy my holidays. But for some reason, I was forced to forfeit the ticket.(which I would not want to repeat the story here again) Nevermind, don't look back, we will sure have better things ahead and in the future! Be optimist babe!

Hmmm... let's go into topic of the day- BLACK AND WHITE>>>> yea? yeah!
I've been thinking about this post long ago.

BLACK and WHITE. Do you like it? Frankly, I don't like black. I hate it to the most! I barely have shirt in black. The two black T-shirt I have are both UM Mock Trial T-shirt 2009 and 2010.Haha!

But still, I have to deal with black and white very much in my life! Basically, there are three major black and white which I can't live without. Can you guess what is it?


The answer is BIBLE, LAW, and PIANO.

1. Holy Bible
Religion is one and even the main part of my life, although I have yet to be baptize (I believe that I would do it some day). I have never hold joss sticks for many years already and have been try to avoid to go to temple =]

Few days ago, two of my friends kind of shocked when I said I want to go church with another coursemate. well, please don't doubt me, only my lord can doubt it. (But I am not angry with you guyz k? =)

Lord, I believe; help thou my unbelief.
-Mark 9:24

I've went caroling for every Christmas since five years ago. I love the moment. and I am instilling a practice in myself to read bible before I sleep, take it as a quiet time for only me myself and God.

No offence to other religions. I believe that every religion teach us good.And through religion, it makes us a better person. Cheers!

2. LAW
It seem very likely that law would be my livelihood in the future. Since I had enrolled into this course.
I think I am growing fond into my faculty !! <3>
Hmm, do I love law? do I love the court that claim to uphold justice and equality? well, seriously, I can't answer you right now.
People tend to have different perspective at different stage. I used to hate my faculty when I first entered into my tertiary life(perhaps due to the Freshman Orientation Week and also some selfish persons around), but now I changed! I am grateful that I was given a chance to study at here :)(though I can't tell you whether I regret for not going to NUS, Singapore or not.)When I first hate my faculty, I never want to be a lawyer. When people questioned me, I just said I come here just to get a degree, that's all. I believe that the whole circumstances changed my mindset, and perhaps, my buddies. Seeing them doing so well in big legal firm do inspire me to perform better. LOVE MY BUDDY LINE more and more ! Yay!

I can't tell or say that I will never regret for entering this faculty for this moment. Whatever. I BELIEVE that TIMES will tell. Be patience :)

For this one, I can confess that I am really regret for not learning and practising it when I was young!If I can travel back to the past, I should have put in more effort in getting and passing the grade eight piano exam of Assoc. Board of Royal Music School.Blame myself for the laziness :(
ishh, now I have to learn and practise back what I have learnt for.

Currently using Kawai in my KL home. Used to play Young Chang in my friend house. But I think Yamaha is the best. Not because of my teacher is using it, but, I just love the sound it produced.

I want to be a lawyer cum piano teacher! =D Word hard toward this, babe!

I think that's all for today. See You ^-^ Hopefully in a near soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

some lame cheer us up

to cheer myself up, more precisely.

"What is your name?"
'Miss Fong.'
"Oh, Miss WONG!"
'FONG, not Wong."
-------- later on
" eh, Miss Wong~ blah~~~~~..........."

swt u know?
Did I pronounce wrongly or what? People tend to take me as Ms Wong,especially when I work as receptionist two years ago.
Maybe I should instead marry a guy which his surname is WONG~
(too bad, I don't see any potential WONG around me :( and I don't have many male friend whose surname is WONG)

"Family Law one sem only?"
"How to study?"

I was thinking deep in my heart, ' take out the books, open it and read. ', this is called study, isn't it.

-------------uh, can't think of any joke anymore.
think I shall stop here.

p/s: am really HaPPY to get some benefit from blogging :) It feels good ^-^ Welcome to work with me, give me some advantage(s) and I shall write/ advertise for you ;)) [I wanna earn more earn more. coz I had spent much money recently on clothes.broke.]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear all, have u heard of 'Beauty Talk' before?

The 'Beauty Talk' I referred to above doesn't mean normal beauty talk (chit-chat on beauty issue) but it's more! It's actually a brand which is rather well-known among beauty savvy.

I have been longing to own this product since I came across it at some online beauty forum. However, due to its price, I dare not to buy.(yadda yadda I scared my mom'll slaughter me XD)

Until one day around April, I get to know that AiShop which is the online retailer of Beauty Talk's product is having their promotion for the Oxy Series Trial Kit, I quickly get myself one set of it wiithout hesitate. ;DD It cost me only RM34.90! wow, itsn't it a steal ?

I received my parcel the next day after I made my payment. However, it may varies if you're living in some rural(ehem,ulu) area or some place which the courier service do not have their branch at there.

I usually use online transfer ( because it's hassle free and I don't need to drive to the bank for the sake of bank-in money for the seller. See how easy it's for online shopping! I don't even need to step out from my home. ;)

It came with a nice packaging
Different type of girls, modern, sexy,cute, sassy~~ omg, i' m crapping.

dang dang dang dang~~~~~~~~~~~~finally these babes are mine! superb duperb happy =D

I am here to recommend you all with this superb Beauty Talk Oxy Mask! It's really effective! But too bad, i had already finished up my two little tube of oxy mask, so I can't show you the before and after's picture like other beauty advertisement do. Nevertheless, I assure to all my readers that this is an extremely good and not-to-be-missed product.
(Readers: then why don't you repurchase? HM: I wish I could but I am running out of $money$ T______T[cry on the floor] )

Step by step to use Oxy Mask:
1. Cleanse and Dry your face
2. Apply a thin layer of Oxy Mask on your face (and of course, avoid eyes and lips area)
3. Massage a little bit
4. Leave it for 5-10 minutes
5. and see the miracles, haha.
You can hear sizzling sound and the bubbles started to form on your face.
6. After 5-10 minutes, remember to rinse it off.

After using it, you will get
-and more miracles which awaited to be found out by yourself!!! :o

More descriptions copied from their website :-

Beauty Talk OxyMask using Perfluorodecalin (Oxygen Carrier) penetrates deep into the skin layer to increase the oxygen level, and our skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing to gain beauty naturally! OxyMask also contains nutrients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hayahibara Trehalose, Saccharide Isomerate and etc, which provides whitening, firming, moisturizing and softens the appearance of wrinkles effects.

This brand new bubble facial mask improved the disadvantage of the paper mask! [OxyMask] pumps oxygenated essences into skin and creates oxygenated bubbles! Now, you can experience the “bubble bath” while inhaling the magical pure oxygen! High level of oxygen improves skin texture effectively! Repairing, cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, firming, whitening, gently exfoliating effects all in one by just OxyMask!

You might think that it's over picey, however, from the result that it delivered, i can tell you it really worth the price :]

All in all, It's a fun mask~ Do sing Colbie Caillat 's while doing this bubble mask, and enjoy~~hahaha

Do joined Beauty Talk's Facebook to know more! * I guess everyone have at least one fb account nowadays? lol.

You can purchase the trial kit at AiShop first to see the result before you buy the big bottle 1. :) Their price are cheaper than Sasa outlet, and not only that, they delivered it to your doorstep!

Last but not least, it's a product which is highly recommended by Lasy First (nv ren wo zui da), the famous Taiwan Beauty Programme, have a look on this video clips: -

Buy it now while stock last! The Oxy Series Trial Kit really worth it :) With discount more than 40 % and exclusively at AiShop only!

Kick start your day with healthy beauty routine ~ :
Beauty Talk Facebook Fan Page:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the East Borneo - Day 2

Day 2
woke up at 6:30am, East Malaysia's sun raise earlier than West Malaysia.You'll already feel pretty hot like noon time at 10am or 11am.

Went to Gaya Street Fair, conveniently located at the downstairs of my lodge. It's actually some sort like Night Market( Pasar Malam). Bought some keychains and kuih cincin as souvenirs.
Had chicken rice at Five Star Restaurant right beside Stay-in Lodge. Five star is only a name for it, its environment does not seem to be 5 star anyhow~ But the chicken rice taste heavenly delicious. No wonder so many customers, until we have to share our table with others.

Walked to Jesselton Waterfront, it's a harbour.

The harbour

We took a ferry there to Tunku Abdul Rahman(TAR) Marine Park. TAR Marine Park consisted with 5 island, which is Sapi Island, Sulug Island, Gaya Island, Manukan Island and Mamutik Island. You can choose how many islands you want to go, and of course on different rates! ;D
I picked 2 islands, and the ferry fares cost me RM25.

I am ready~weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~I guess the life jacket is xxs size, it is pretty small (-_-")

First Island, Mamutik Island. The water are really crystal clear and you can see fishes clearly with your bare eye. I rented the mask for snorkeling so that I can have a better look at those fishes and coral. You can even touched them!

Rented a mask for RM10. Do I look like avatar? (-_-") haha

I heard many of the China tourists (the have their special accent which is easily recognized.) claimed that they had bite by the fishes. But I didn't experience it.

The next destination is Manukan Island. I was really disappointed. It had been polluted, and the water aren't that clear compare with Mamutik Island. Because too many tourists visit, perhaps? I can see rubbish in the water while snorkeling (yuckss!!) potong-steam saja!
So we went to the beach and rest and departed from the island at about 4pm.
It's about to rain so the ferryman speed up very much, and the water splashed on my body and make me wet. (-_-") The wave was very high because it gotta rain soon. Nevertheless, it's an exciting ride!hahaz

At the time we reached at the harbour, it started to rain. We ran like hell to the new shopping mall beside Jesseltion Point, named Suria Sabah. Had our dinner there. I found that food in KK are not so cheap afterall, almost the same price with KL. hmm.

Next we collected our Car(rent 1) and drive to Kudat.
Here end my second day at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

(to be continued......)

stay tune! ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To the East Borneo - Day 1

Here is the long-waited journal for my Sabah Trip, prepare your popcorns and stay on for more exciting post :D

1st Day
I am too petty(pretty as well k :D ) and bought 7am flight. -.-" kononnya to save cost.
The consequence is I have to sleep at the airport for the whole night. (terrible~~)
Arrived at around 9:30 pm, walked all the way from airport to a not-so-nearby bus stop (more than 1km i guess? ) , took a bus there to Wawasan Bus Terminal, then from the terminal, hop on City Bus towards Gaya Street.
Their buses are very different from West Malaysia's. much smaller.

Wawasan Bus Fare RM 1.00
City Bus Fare RM 0.50

My accommodation at Sabah located at Gaya Street- Stay-in Lodge
(Initially wanted to go for Akinabalu Youth Hostel, but the receptionist told me full already, then we headed for other hostel.)
Price: RM 55 for an air-cond Family Suit, with one King Size bed and one double-decker bed.
Review: not bad! You would get a card to open the gate, like a hotel :) Bathroom are small but acceptable. The room is rather big and the air-cond was pretty cool, it freeze me at night :|
sorry but no picture of the room, forgot to take.

Head to One Borneo Shopping Center (by taxi @ RM 25, it's expensive dude! only now i regret)
Had my lunch+dinner at New York New York. I am having luxurious meal while I traveling as a backpacker and have a tight budget (not to mention taxi fares)..hmm.
Here is the Fish n Chip->

The fish is very fresh. I wonder do they catch it by themselves? since Sabah is so near with the sea. haha.

After loitering at One Borneo and also the PC fair held there, our next destination was --> Tanjung Aru Beach ;DDDD
(took minibus from One Borneo to Wawasan Bus Terminal and from the terminal changed another bus to the beach.)

nice or x ? nice or x? nice or x? MUST say nice u know XDDDDDD
ate sweetcorn at the beach and drank an over-priced drink- Avocado Milk. Guess how much? RM7! man!!!!!
[after that,took cab(again >"< omg) for 20 bucks from Tanjung Aru back to Gaya Street]
-bed time-

( to be continued....)

btw, found out some exciting news that stimulate my mood - I may have the chance to go NZ and US the very soon (not so soon lah afterall), since B and T both are going to pursue their undergrad and postgrad studies respectively in the two countries. woohoo. and Air Asia is going to fly NZ soon! Yayy
But not me, I am not keen in taking up master nor phd study at this moment. No LLM for sure, maybe MBA still can consider. lolx

Friday, May 28, 2010


has been busy like a bee lately :s
working life, but i love it. please call me YOL- Young Office Lady ^^
bosses are all friendly and good although sometime they might be too busy until no time to entertain me ;D
so far, okay :D learned a lot
excuse me, I am not doing admin job, I never photostate paper / type paper.
I am on a position which need to use my brain :) but my cells almost all died (terkandas) everytime when i off work.

I believe that in our life journey, we practice "give and take"
when you want to get something, why don't be initiative to step out d 1st step?

back from KK, lazy to write for travel journal..ehem, i hope it'll up here soon.
somebody, pls cure my laziness pls~ ishhhh
next trip coming soon, yay !!

Ko-K camp,
dearest coursemates,
only when we hold hand in hand, then only i know how deep our friendship is.
Thank you all for everything :D

I am really bussssyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
so just spare some time to jot down (as a way to remind myself) what I shall(mandatory) do and how shall I spent the rest of my holidays:-

- practice piano (please~~~~~~~ask zy lao shi to kill me. XD i havent done my homework yet)
- learn cooking and baking.wee~~~
- sew and DIY something out. my knitting set and clothes are all on dust. poor them :(
- watch more dramas (since when i had abandoned PPS? :( )
- blog more XD
- find back my long-lost JC friends! I want to join 222 gathering :( but I can't go Spore. this mission is tough.
- learn how to doll myself up, I just purchased some fake eyelashes, but I don't know who to put on it :( I am sucks in putting up makeup
- dote my family, spent more time with papamama :]
- enough!haha~ but subjected to changes make by me from time to time!
- the most important 1, close to god <3 I should know why jie put the book on my table, it's for me to spent some time with god everynight

till then, gudbye~

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lin Dan's Breakdance!

Lin Dan, the Chinaman, took off his shirt and did a breakdance to celebrate his victory in the semi-final of Thomas Cup at Stadium Bukit Jalil, which is the game against our Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
Some say he is lan si
Some say he is arrogant (actually lan si also substitute to arrogant lah.lolx)
Some say he is over-confident
Some say he is showing-off
Some say he dance like a chicken XD
whatever la~
But I found lin dan 's action interesting! ;)

Although our Malaysia team defeated by China team, I am very satisfied with Wong Choong Han! He played very well just now, and he never give up/surrender till the last second.
The spirit of never-say-die and persistence is what everyone of us should hold <: isn't it?

* pictures grabbed from internet sources.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


sometimes, you just don't feel like explaining, at all.

who cares? :>
as long as there are people out there who still trust that you're not wrong [=

goodbye bloggie, will be back soon
viola~dear beddie..heee

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crying baby

cried like a baby?
not to yearn for sympatise. crying is not something to be proud of, but 'mempersiasuikan'.

Oh? I write this purposely because two(or 3?) days ago i really cried like a baby in Law Fac Library.
The same place, same floor, same toilet. same style as the picture shown. lolx.
Different seniors bump into me crying in the toilet.
(sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy if I shocked you ;) )

back to the study table, still crying.
someone come over to me and wanted to borrow my notes for photocopy purpose. I said can.
(I am writing on you. hehe. you know la...)
The someone was shocked. and said "eh, you cried?" and dare not to take my notes already. lolx.
The someone was ...(scared? interpret from the-some-one's face. whatever, I don't know. haha, you can let me know how you felt particularly on that night [privately] if you want ;) )
I guess you know the reason I shed my tears? ( hints: the saga from the day you msn-ed me and if you followed my blog [= )

wailed for whole night.
ruins my study time.
felt like I am so stupid.
why am I cried for those things? ishhhhhhhhhhhhh.
[is a plural here. more than one incident. more than one character involved. ]

cried for the aggrieved feelings. felt like kena bullied.
no more, please. I will shun even if you don't walk away.

for those who like to 对号入座, I would like to draw your attention that, you made me cried.
so, are you proud of it? satisfy now?

p/s: I miss smktm time...... :>

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I like this word so muchhh. Not because most of you will related it to " fu^k it " but...(emm, continue and enjoy reading.)
It described what I felt to "them" the most.

We're all living under "One Big Roof". It's like a small nation here. Thus, we have our system analogy to HRM(His Royal Highness), Prime Minister, Parliament etc etc.
According to Federal Constitution, Prime Minister have to step down if he failed to command the confidence of majority.

well, I had said, we live like a nation here. Though i am not trying to provoke, but I'll like to ask...what if our "head" doesn't do their works?(u orang pandai pandai SHOULD knew what i mean here).

I felt like the committees is facade. Excuse me, this verb is not to pronounce as "fak ket"( or fcuk it.) but, "fer sal" (it sounds much more graceful than you thought.). It means a false appearance that is more pleasant than the reality. To say it in a layman term, it looks good from outside but it's in fact ROTTEN inside. Get it? I hope you do.

I felt like USED. awfully.
I felt like I am so STUPID.
why do I done so much, put so much effort for those activities and yet they never appreciated what I have done? (How many times I went for Donation Drive asking $$ from others like a beggar? > 5 or even 10.)
why do I joins college's project so endeavouring to just to secure a place in Residential College?
Come'on all!

What our beloved Professor Dr. Axxx said in the speech he gave during last election period was still stay vividly in my mind,
"ARE YOU SO CHEAP? The tiny lousy room in PJ with RM300 can buy you (for a vote) ?"

well..It reminds me.
I felt like I am SO CHEAP, for once. WHY DO I SO STUPID AND JOINED the activities for the sake of getting a place in college? The feelings are bad, mind you.

I don't know how can I endured this place, and stayed for 2 years? nah, I admire myself so much. It if's not my mum, (I can tell you), I will had already moved out since long time ago.

During my freshman year, I was once thought I loved college so much. but now, let me tell you, LMAO LAH, it might just be my own illusion.
You all claimed that CC(Chinese Community) is second home for us, the undergraduates, who are out from home to pursue our studies at university. well, I don't felt it. No matter how you asserted that CC is WARM or what-so-ever. I just DON'T AND NEVER felt it.

Stepping into the end of sophomore year, my feeling to this college getting worse. Due to the unmannered people, administrative etc etc. All in all, I don't see any GOOD MEMORY(ies) the college had bring me for the past 2 years. When the makcik at canteen asked me why I never smile, I just fake it to her but deep in my heart, I was thinking "none of your business. I frown because I hate you I hate this college I am sick with all the stuffs here can?"

Recently, when people asked me, "are you going to stay in college next semester?", well, I don't know how to tell.

"I get a place, my name is in the stay list but I don't get a room?"

why? so complicated? nah, policies problem! I felt like they are so BIAS AND MY RIGHTS HAS BEEN DEPRIVED AT ONCE (regarding this matter), and I don't want to mention it anymore. Go and ask around and maybe you would get the answer.

Apart from that, I think SKR Registration System also got something for me to rant on!They just simply offered us 1 Elective, 1 and only. Either you take it or you don't take it. We left no choice. I don't see on what reason they harbour on to think that the indigenous course suit(or tailored?) for law students? This is so unreasonable.

Policies?policies???policies???? Policies!!what kind of policies is this? I don't see the point.

now, don't ask me to do account. For you all are not co-operate with me, so why on earth do I have to cooperate with you?

(This is my own opinion, and applied only for myself, subjectively. You can ignore and leave my blog forever if you don't like it and I do hope you scram as far as you could.)

Do you guy know why I don't want to be a lawyer? ..I am so upset. I can't even secured justice for my own self... If it's so, how am i going to defend or assist others? Hope that I will get my way some day in the future.

Unwelcomed comments will be remove by administrator, Thank You. In fact, you're not welcomed. I don't think I am wrong. I believe that everyone has their own perspective.

One thanks to my reader who rang me up and said "bravo, i must praise you for your bravery...(and blah.)"
Second thanks to the two collegemates who instant message-ed me and said "Good Job" wah..I never thought you guys will second to my opinion. Tq for being so supportive touched ;)
Third thanks to the one who text-ed me.
Last but not least, thanks to all who support me. You know who you are, hehe =)

To the one who hate this post, go ahead and backstabbing me again. I got already thousand wounds in my heart by all of you. One more doesn't make any different

btw, jie, you haven read this :( so sad. I cant see you from the traffic feed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

never say sorry! How RUDE?

I am calm enough to hold back my temper, else I might already yell some foul words at you under the heat of passion!

I am very disappointed. Not only to one particular person, but to people around me in general.
Even you bump into someone on the road, a reasonable right-thinking man would for sure apologize. This is some logic thingy which everybody even a 3 years old kid will know. There's no reason for why an adult above 18 years old can ignore it.

Example of
Case 1
Many days ago, in a very early morning, I went to the washroom. Our hostel is basically dormitory type, where you have only one or two big washroom(consist of few bathroom and toilet as well) each floor. I brought along my toothpaste,toothbrush and facial foam. (Of course I need to brush my teeth in the morning, I actually brush my teeth more than 5 times per day fyi. * and my seniors said i constituted water
After I brush my teeth, then I went in toilet. I put my utensils at the basin there.
When I came out from the toilet, I spot a girl taking my toothpaste. She saw me, and she quickly twist back the cap of the toothpaste and place it back (not exactly the same place where I put though). She looks at me, with " I didn't do anything wrong" 's face. I look back at her. She said nothing.
Come on lah, you know you are wrong! Couldnt you just apologize? Even if you don't apologize, I don't mind if you tell me " sorry ar..I thought that 1 mine 1" (or sumthg more foolish than this).
You say nothing. nothing! like nothing happen!
I am not stingy or whatsoever. I don't mind if you use it. But what I mind is your attitude. I don't know how you can act like nothing happens! You should knew what you did! You knew well but you want to deny it infront of me who saw it!
Forget it, I have no mood to scold nor talk. Your parents should play the role of moulding your attitude. No points for me to lecture you how you should say sorry to me.

Case 2.
well, happened just now. Someone accidentally hit my laptop and it makes weird sound(kiikiikaakaa sound). (Ya, my toshiba is kind of vulnerable. )
The fellow not even look at me. She act like nothing happen. (case 1 and case 2 is different person.)
I am not angry but just way too disappointed. I was 2 meter away from my computer and I witnessed the whole incident. Even if you don't want to say sorry , couldn't you just tell me and ask me why it sounds kiikiikaakaa?
You just don't bother!! What would you feel if I did the same thing to you?

There're actually more than 2 -this kind of incidents that happen on me.
It hurts everytime I recall how you all act on me.

It's that hard for you guyz to say sorry?
What I want is a mere "sorry" , you don't need to explain to me, as it already occurred. There's no way to save it. Even compensation can't do it.
It's that hard?

Some people just don't know how to say sorry which i hate it the most.
I am not stingy or put too much weight on those trivial things. Perhaps, it just occurred at the wrong time. when everything, seems wrong.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


琴棋书画,又称“四艺”,指古琴围棋(一 说为象 棋)、书法绘画,是中国古代文人所推崇和要掌握的四门艺术

In ancient china, in order to be so-called perfect lady, one has to profess "琴棋书画" skill
In my own explanation, I think

yup. I want to profess all of these.
I was thinking of self-enhancement since long time ago.

I learnt piano. Now what I only wish is that I could finish my lesson as soon as possible and pass the exam in near soon =) Before graduation, perhaps?

For chess, I don't know about chess but I do play othello. lmao. XD
Anyone feel free to offer me chess lesson?

Read? Don't you think I have enough book to read since I am in a course which need to read the most? ^-^

Arts, I do start learn sewing and making dolls for myself. The outcome? still need improvement.lolx. DIY Bag is my next target. xoxo.

Beside sewing, I do learn cooking and baking. I knew how to make chilled cheesecake okayy.

All in all, hopefully I would be very good in all these life skills beside study because my sister used to called me a "bookworm". She said I know nothing other than what was written on book.
sounds pity?

Yay, I must study hard for law cum learn more things! I want to get rid of the "bookworm" title thus I must equipped myself with all those skills beside reading those acts and rules!

Goodluck, everyone!
Enhance your ability! Goes beyond the limit! (sounds so FHT,haha!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"3,2,1, action!"

"3,2,1, action!"
This is the phrase that I heard most on last Sunday.
Guess why?

I went for drama shooting! and ya, I am not the main character, for sure.
The day after my moots ended, the person-in-charge texted me, asked me free or not on Sunday. In a blurred situation( coz I still on my bed. reluctant to wakeup) I texted her back. Then when I woke up only I realized that I had agreed to go on the next day. shitt~~~

Being a responsible person, I dare not to call her and tell her i don't want to go. boh bian.Have to go eventually. I don't even know whether it's a malay drama or mandarin drama or movie whatsoever.

Yup. I went. I went to work as so-called 'kelefeh' XD

It's a mandarin drama, if not mistaken, NTV 7 production on collaboration with Mediacorp.
I saw some artists there, but I can't recall their name. As you know, I seldom watch TV nowadays. When I was in Johor, I used to watch Singapore Channel. So can't blame if I don't even know them when I bump into anyone of them on the street.
After scrutinize some papers that the person-in-charged put on table, I manage to figure out some of their name(It's written on that paper but I don't know who is who okayyy) got 梁丽芳,童冰玉,and a guy which his name I am quite aware of, 章缜翔。I saw 章缜翔 before on TV screen. I remembered he used to be one of the actor in Singapore Channel 8 's mandarin drama.

Do you still remember Singapore Drama ? He is Robert Zhang in that series.
I quoted from wikipedia
Robert Zhang (罗伯张, portrayed by Zzen Zhang (章缜翔)) - Son of Charlie Zhang. A cunning one like his father, he raped Yuzhu, thinking that it was actually Yueniang, and tortured her endlessly after marrying Yuzhu, even to the extent of drugging her and giving her to other men in exchange of business benefits. He was killed by Huang Tianbao, despite Robert's promise to return the money and distributorship to the Huangs.

They're actually quite okay. Not arrogant at all. 章缜翔 even say Thank you to my friend who was holding the camera after I took picture with him. Good personality thou.
Now only I know 章镇翔 is not a Singaporean. I thought he was, then I asked him. He told me he is Malaysian, KL summore.

It's not a tough job but very very boring. bored till you die. You have to wait one whole day for 1 or 2 scene only.
I spoke only 1 phrase( more than 30 chinese words, haha ) in a scene, with章缜翔(Zzen Zhang). lolx. In episode 6 or 7. If you want to know what's the title of the drama..hehe, stay tune! :p
Nice experience. At least good try? ^^

After work, tired face :] (I mean me okieee) he looks even better in normal wear^^ I knew he is very tired after one whole day of shooting but he still smile in front of camera :) super hot hunk!

童冰玉(Chris Tong), she is once a Champion in Malaysian (dunnoe what) pageant.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The first case in my life.

The first case in my life. and yes, I(we) did won it =)

I, together with the other three co-counsels represent the appellant(the aggrieved person) against Royal Malaysian Police and Government of Malaysia, in the Moot Court of UM on 26th March 2010, 8pm.

The case was heard by a judge which is a lawyer as invited by Dr. Gan.

I am so happy when I saw only 1 judge coming in, and he did looks kind-hearted + well-tempered. haha~
Well, I stand as second speaker.

The first speaker spoke on the facts and the ground on why public law should be use instead of private tort.
The judge then ask about locus standi (if you want to know more, take your owns effort to google it..It'll take ages if you want me to explain it). We had already divided our grounds for oral submission as such.

1st counsel: Public Law
2nd counsel,which is me,on Violation of fundamental liberties under Art 5(1) of Federal Constitution
3rd counsel will touch on locus standi and Para 1 Schedule CJA and Order 53
4th counsel dealt with remedies

When the judge suddenly asked about locus standi, we were so panic, as we already arranged the sequence and we thought that it will run smooth and each of us shall present on our ground while being questioned by judge on any part which his lordship dissatisfy.

Despite, the 3rd counsel stand and present.
Then while 3rd counsel present, the judge asked about the fundamental right which is what I in-charged of.

walao..die. Then I stand up is a kelam kabut situation, (so malu >,< ai seh!!!) His lordship asked how right to life had been infringed.
Then i cited the case of TTS, then he asked whether there is any Federal Court decision similar with TTS as TTS is CoA decision. then i quoted Lee Kwan Woh, but the case is not in our appellant bundle of authority!!(due to some so-called 'technical problem') I was so scared and I asked for his permission to quote from the case.
He didn't answer my question. Instead, he asked me on another case, don't know what "... Industrial"already, I couldn't recalled. BUT the problem is i never read/ come across the case that he mentioned.

Then i paused... There was a long long long paused..for 30 seconds to 1 minute i guess? so xia sui only. Then i apologise to him. Then his lordship said "Counsel for respondents, please present your submission."
I was like " dat how ar? die liao...he ask the other side to present, means don't want me to continue already?" Then I sat down. My heart sank. At the moment, I was so so so so so sad and scribble on the paper telling my co-counsel, we're vanished, we're going to lose our case!!Our grounds cannot stand, the judge don't want to accept.

respondent's counsels presenting.......... _________________________________________

After that, he asked us, the appellant whether we want to say something on damages that should be award.
Our 4th counsel then stand up to read her script.

After she had finished, judge straight away give his decision, and he ruled that the case before us shall come under public law and there was breach of fundamental right(which means my point he agreed la..I was so shocked as I open my eye looking at him unbelievable.) and he awarded damages as to the pain and loss that suffered.

WALAO EH~~~I thought I lose already. Cause he never ask the respondent's side ANY question whereas he asked me and my 1st co-counsel.

I was a bit upset, since my argument is correct why he don't want to let me proceed.(when I paused.) I wrote 7(SEVEN) PAGES of oral submission (script) for myself to present during the trial and i thought i can read it out all during the trial. WHO KNOWS!!!No chance at all, he spontaneous asked. and I had just spoke for 3 to 5lines of my scripts only. SO SAD SO SAD.

I had put so much efforts in writing my own oral submission but it ends up not useful at all as I have no chance to read them out. 7 PAGES. pity me!!!!!!!!!
ai seh sia-sia saya buat kerja. forget it. the decision which we won balanced my mood.

The process of preparing moots is terribly miserable. However, the time when we worked together will always in my mind. Thanks to my learned co-counsels' kindness, co-operation and encouragement all this while.

with my learned co-counsels.

Court rise~~~~~hehe

The first case in my life. The first time representing as counsel in "court" and won it.

Buh~BYe~~~~(FYI,This is my bundle of authorities.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Last Resort.

"I beg your indulgences , My Lord/My Lady.
Please bear with my ignorance.*"

*stupidity as well.

Monday, March 1, 2010


The very perfect's dream vanished and gone.
It would never ever come back :( The chance of being sponsor USD 2000 to travel.
I blame myself for being so stupid, handed in a lousy proposal.
I know no one would choose me.

But why let me know this competition only 10 hours before it's closing date?
I am pretty upset right now.

I know, and I remembered I said participation is one thing,and winning is just a bonus to adding cream on top of cupcake, ya, beautify it.
But I really really hate that I have no time to do it in a perfect way.

Give me more time, I will definitely come out with the perfect one.
For Taiwan is the place that I went most in my dream.
But no it's no more :(


Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Movies Review

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
watched at MBO Malacca with bunch of friends.
Feel good cause of the ex-classmates outing. They're all so cute ^^
Percy Jackson is the main character in the movie. He is not the actual thief.
The actual thief is another. The story begins with Percy had been accused of stealing the lightning.
The background of the story surrounded with God such as Athena, Olympus etc.
Overall, it's mend for those who love to watch fantasy stuffs.
Rate: 3/5

Little Big Soldier
watched at Genting's small(should be 'tiny') 's cinema.
A movie by Jackie Chan and Lee Hom.
It's just a very simple and 'small' story on a soldier and general. Jackie plays the role of soldier, who doesn't like war and preferred farming. While Lee Hom, the General, wants to unite all the provinces.
It worth because Lee Hom is so handsome yet cute. XD
Rate: 3/5

First time doing review..haha :p

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I believe I can fly

(printscreen-ed from claudia's blog)
coz I felt like making one (life-goal aka wish list) for myself too.
2010 May -Sabah
2010 June- Taiwan/ Thailand (?)
2010 July - Perth
2010 August - Thailand?(mid sem break)
2010 Nov - Thailand?
2010 Nov/Dec - Shanghai, China (I already reserved it for the exchange programme..Dear dean, pls conduct the interview asap and let me pass,yay!I know all of us in faculty wants to go, then sent all of us :p)
2011 May- Sarawak
2011 June- Hong Kong/Korea
2012 June- Japan (yay! set for my own convo trip)
2013 and onwards- Europe.

My mum had always told me that she yearn to go Europe countries rather than China which dad loves so much and brought her along for many times already. Even today, they're in China for CNY trip. They went last week and will be back by tomorrow *and I am waiting for my souvenirs and most important one, chocolates*XD Thus, I have already planned to bring mum to Europe once I have the ability (ya, need to wait after 2012 alr.coz need 2 more years for me to get graduated.)

I know perhaps I can't make it for all of it. I will be kinda satisfy if partial of it can ON.
After all, who doesn't love travel, right? But I know the first thing I have to do now is study and score well, I don't want travel with the wrong mood :p

Many airlines are now doing airfare promotion. Can't decide which to choose..(FYI, I want book for Taiwan, and Thailand or any other interesting destination but Tw is for sure on my top list)

MAS around RM850 +/-(round trip)
Air Asia around RM 650 +/- (round trip)

Foreign airline?
? ?
Eva is offering at around RM770 +/- (round trip)
Jet Star around SGD 330 +/- (round trip)
Jet Star is budget airline (same as AA) while Eva Air is not.


STOP HERE. Stop thinking about all these stuffs. Move your butts get up to Study Room to study.(I can't bear the superb duperb hot weather at KL, no choice, but to go Study Room. Somemore, I get so distracted at room with the sounds made by the other two girls and also bing bang closing-door-sound of neighbours plus laptop!)

There are plenty of thing that I need to get it done. VEXING arghh
Agenda Due Date
Moots March (and I am in Group 3!)
PBL Assignment March (I dunno what to add already..the Review part.sienz)
Land Law Test 10/March
Consti Test after 24/March
Thai Presentation two weeks from now (Singing + Drama)
Thai Essay no idea (2,one for lyrics another for exam one)
Tutorials preparation endless!
and more to come =(

Last but not least, wanted to remind myself, CNY is over, stop buying stuffs like clothes, shoes, accessories etc.
Stay Happy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

An old joke to share

Venus: Bilik Bacaan, SMK Tun Mamat

Cikgu Mazlan: Who can tell me what's the motto of our school?
Student A: Suzuki
Cikgu Mazlan: (remain quiet)
Student B: wat? moto? Hanasaki?
Cikgu Mazlan: (still remain quiet)
Student C: Yamaha?
the same things continue until Student Z, Ms Zhi Kai who always scored number 1 in school exams.

"the motto of our school is Belajar untuk berkhidmat, " said Zhi Kai


Unfortunately, I am one of those who anwered suzuki, yamaha etc etc. =,=
well, this happened 10 years ago already.
Have a nice day, Cheers~

Friday, January 22, 2010

How do you define "beauty"?

I believed that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

About last week, someone forwarded a message to me. For sure I wouldn't reveal the content of it, word by word. By I can tell you, it will never be a good thing if a gurl comments another gal(maybe her 'foe', i guess?) as pretty yet modern. Never and ever! I can't read her mind, I don't know what come across her brain when she was typing this kind of message.
But afterall, it doesn't relevant with you whether I am pretty or not, right? I know I am pretty and it's totally none of your business.
If deep in ur heart, you kept me as a foe. I had nothing to say but to tell you go ahead. And the least thing I could tell you is, no worries, I wouldn't grab away him from you. You can have him and I won't fight, and for this I assure you! worries not!
The fellow shouldn't forward the message to me. like I care? totally ass!

I don't know why I getting oh-so-mad-and-fuss when people described me as "modern". I am not keen in putting makeup okay? I wear zero makeup in faculty and college. I see people with my "own face", with no concealment. I don't care there's any zits or scar on my pretty-face (although I do hope it dissapear when I bump into hot guys.). I am so REAL, at least, more than you.

I don't know how people define "beautiful"? I think it's quite subjective, based merely on personal own opinion.

For me, maybe I would get sad if you ever give me a label as "ugly" or synonymous, but the unpleasant feelings wouldn't last long, as afterall, who do you think you are? Why should I so care about how you judged/look at me?

Few weeks ago, when I was online-ing at living room while talking with my mum, and she commented that some/one of my friend look too mature. Then I asked my mum, " then how about me? I pretty or not?" She answered in affirmative, "You? Of course!" (*I was then laughing*)

I don't mind if 'm not 001. I don't mind if you doesn't want to categorise me as 'beauty'.
Because, I am pretty and nice-looking in the eyes of those who love me and to whom I love.
That's more than enough.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random update.

people said that I am lazy..coz I abandoned my blog and not update it.
well, kind of.
2nd Year 2nd Semester, as told by seniors, would pass very fast because we will be very very(very very in thai:maamak ;) ) busy in in tonnes of assignments + works!
Admin Law PBL Assignment, Yes liao lah!
Criminal Law Presentation + Slides, Yes liao lah!
Moots* , Yes liao lah!
Projek Ilmiah (some called it thesis, some called it project work, for our faculty, we need to hand in not during our final year but third year, else we can't proceed to final year), Yes liao lah!
Criminal tutorial under Datin (we shuffle with another group, hence, we are no more under the DPP, Encik Eunos anymore but have to face datin for another one sem :(sob sob I feel like it is mentally torture for me every thrusday from now on), Yes YES YES liao lah!

Thank God that I eventually pass Family Law paper. Nevertheless, my CGPA dropped (obviously). My PA (Penasihat Akademik:Academic Advisor.everyone of us will be assigned to a particular PA and under his mentor for the whole LLB course) said that it's "RESCUE-ABLE". haha~gotta work harder this sem to pull it back.

I actually have fun for the rest of my holidays after Family Law's result released. Went to a not-so-famous beach, Singapore (for sure) and Thailand as well. Photos will be updated next next next time when I go back home as the wifi in university is really suck! :[

Chinese New Year is only one month left, gotta prepare myself! I love shopping time though my budget is limited. New Year Resolution? Just one, stop burning down church anymore!!

Hey peeps, you know what? I actually taking Thai Language for Elementary Level this sem as EL(elektif luar fakulti, out faculty subject). sound cool, but I can tell you, writing in Thai alphabet is NOT FUN AT ALL. I feel so dizzy every time the lecturer ask us to practise it! We are like kindergarten children who inchoate in language. Everytime the lecturer spoke a word, we follow to pronouce it. Anyhow, I hope that I would be thai-savvy in the future. Then there would be less problem if I want to go Thailand especially in the moment of bargaining(girls love shopping!It's undeniable). Perhaps I would talk to you in some alien language (for your) the next time I see you. (*wink*) haha!

Just a random picture,

It has been ages since we last took photo together, agree? Picture taken during CC Tang Yuan Day this Tuesday night. Credit to the photographer, Nikel Khor.

I guess I would be more and more busy for coming week until the end of this semester. I wonder it's a good or bad thing actually.

*moot is a trial or discussion dealing with an imaginary legal case, performed by students as part of their legal training but in exactly the same way as a real one