Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures speak for itself.

my life at KL and particularly UM, here goes..

Somedays ago, in lecture hall, no paying attention on the lectures, but playing with handphone instead. Bo Bian, too boring dy ;-(

Popeye @ Midvalley =dabao-ism, again!=
Comment: Nice! coz I am a kid who likes fastfood very muchhh! ;)

Picture taken on the day of Mooncake Festival. One of my friend who is now at oversea texted me and asked whether there's a bright + white moon on the sky of Malaysia as he couldn't see at his place. In order to text back and say yes, I walk out from my room to B Block's parking lot and have a look on the sky to verify. Full moon represented "reunion" in chinese. However, I wasn't with any of my family at that time. Poor~

I had tried. But I don't know why, everytime after I completed and printed out an assignment, I don't have any happy feelings toward it. The picture shown is Criminal Law assignment which had been hand in to the office few weeks ago.
Maybe, I am not really into this profession? -I doubted-

Building a better world for children
A colaboration between BROS company and World Vision
There will be RM1 donated to World Vision fund for each bottle purchased.
Bottles are available at Jaya Jusco, it's cute, isn't it? :)))

actually I am very unhappy,upset(all negative feelings)
Just write and post something to ease my mind.

last week...

First time so guai guai sit down makeup for myself. Should learn more on putting makeup.
Quote fromDR Gan, Lawyer also must be good looking, you know? XD XD

I am not a lawyer yet. period.

Monday, October 19, 2009

She said and I think

I am not suitable with this profession fullstop

Saturday, October 3, 2009

(alone = pity?)'s Mooncake Festival (=

A tiring week.2 tests down. 1 more to go. yup, totally "DOWN". Initially want to cry after I sat for IP test. I tried. I knew I study last minute (which is the things I should have not do). But I already give in and put all my efforts on it. sigh, forget it. It won't cure if I keep thinking about it.

Admin test was on Friday evening. Ashree(our 2nd year class rep) described it as "amazing race".lol. It's actually an open book test, which I knew you all sure feel like 'What?open book?easy lah'. DR Gan gave us the question paper and said we can go wherever we like to do the question. ehemm, the truth is, me and a bunch of friends went library and copy here, copy there. Pinjam here, pinjam there. DR Gan actually setted the test as 3 hours, from 4pm and 7pm. At first, we was like, what la, 15 minutes can finish copy already. But the thing is we cannot find the answer, don't know where to copy. And end up we copied a lot, and only hand up our answer sheets on 7:20pm. lol. Hopefully DR Gan is merciful enough, I don't want to fail anymore test!

Family test result release. 79 failures. I am not on top nor the cream in my batch. But it really draw me crazy when I knew that I failed. (I ponteng my family law lecture this Tuesday) I went to take my paper from Datin on Wednesday evening. SAD :'( gotta work harder for the coming exam!

Nah, and today is Mooncake Festival aka Mid Autumn Festival. I went MV alone, to buy some grocery. Thanks to the Jusco voucher given by mum, I didn't really spend much(cash). Bought a big tin of Jacob Weetameal(1kg), Dutch Lady milk(1 litre) , Pokka Greentea(250ml x6), Rocky(5 in 1 economical packs), some instant noodles, Kit Kat etc(cannot remember already). And of course, mooncakes!! It's so sad that I can't go back to Tangkak for this weekend (because of Admin test!). Too bad many of the mooncakes are sold out, and it left no much choices for me. In the end I bought Oversea Mooncake- Durian and also Milk Tea ^__^ Happy (:
But have to eat it alone lor. My roommates all went back already. And later I have to do my tutorials and assignments.

Very nice packaging as well (._.*)

Nothing much to write, so some random pics here. Sorry, but please bear with my narcissism.lol.

During holiday, captured at home. Please ignore the stupid-o-ugly bra strap

chio-ness? lol. dunno lah~

and TQ for these dedications! I love to eat(super foodie [: )

Last but not least, alone actually doesn't tantamount to pity. cheers! *-* want to bath then cut the mooncake. wee~~~wait for me, durian duriannnnn mooncake!