Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eye On "Malacca"

Actually before this I was wondering why they(government) shifted Eye On Malaysia from Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur to Malacca.

And after I pay a visit to Eye On Malaysia yesterday. I found out why. Do you know why their business running low?

Let me explain.
-Actually there are two ticket counters, but only one of it operating, another close. (Raya-ing) puff~
-The cabin is so so so small. Four person inside it is consider as ngam ngam hoh. I can't imaging if it need to carry more than 5 people.
-FYI, Singapore flyer carrys 20 persons.
-I heard some sounds like somewhere (or part) of it cracking. Horrible~~
-It disappointed me. I thought it was a huge one at first.
-8 bucks. and it's only after discount. (Student + Malaysian)

Haha, nevertheless, I need to quote what those who alway promote cc trip's saying: "What we concern is not the place we gonna visit, it's the person whom we go together. "
love you guyz...!!

I claimed to be the best spokesperson for Eye On Malaysia. memang buey pai seh ya~ :p

A very tiny me infront of Eye On Malaysia

act cute~ beh beh

Cheong-K before visit to Eye On Malaysia.

Lastly, luckily I didnt show the wrong direction. Else the driver sure kills me! hehe :p
Pray and looking forward for our next trip! Sungai Sengit+ Kota Tinggi+ Batu Pahat, end of this year.

nah, I am an ordinary student, who hate study. yupsss, it's sucksss. makes me wanna cry T^T
Have you every heard S.H.E's song with the title ? I'm already in my second year of uni life, yet I don't think I have already cope with the life there. Deep in my heart, I alway looking forward to go back home, although mom likes to nag me, brother always quarrel with me. Nevertheless, it's the place we called "H.O.M.E"
I want my holidays back. I wanted to stay here. pampered. haiz. dunno how I gonna face with the working environment after I graduate. Cannot imaging at all.
Alway the princess. In my lovely castle. At my lovely hometown.
I don't want to proceed.
sounds stupid? 20 years old with 12 years old mind. I am not mature. I admitted.

I love Mooncake!!

I am an ordinary girl, alway do stupid things, buying stupid stuffs. (mom said so)
But I love mooncake!! Mid Autumn Festival coming soon, there are variety of mooncakes available in the market.
Here, I would like to introduce two of it. and hope you all would like it (=

*By the way, I don't like "The Cottage Bxxxxx" 's mooncake. Not nice. I cheated by the salesgirl at Mid Valley. Forget it, as I bought it using free's Jusco voucher.

First and foremost, my beloved Yong Sheng!
ishh, I forget to upload the picture I took. So, I just grabbed from their official website.

I love their yam and greentea's mooncake. ^_______^
I purchased them when I visit to Mahkota Parade with my family. Okay, it's my dad who fork out his Credit Card. lol.

Second, Doraemon mooncake from bisgood

Doraemon Greetea Mooncake. So cute right. But have to eat it because the expired date is on November. Part of the Doraemon is in my stomach already XD my mom said this one nice!

A very big box of Doraemon's mooncake. Yippie (A-A)Y

Very nice packaging, right? I love it! And the Recycle Bag as well.

Savoured every mouthful~~hmm
Foods make me happy!! I'm a super foodie :)
Next post up soon. But I have to finish my dinner first.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I don't like being sick
I hate the Dr
mum said he is disqualified
He took my blood twice, because he failed the first time.
I don't like him
He gave me a lot of medicines.yet cannot cure me.
He is not handsome.This one nevermind.
but he is impatient. He shows me his 'ketidaksabaran' when the computer having problems, when my x-ray result doesnt shown in the screen.

Maybe he is new
we should forgive him.

I wish I could die now.
then I could stop thinking. stop suffering. stop having difficulty in...

my test?
I totally not yet prepared.
Do you think I am able to prepare it during weekend?
I don't think I would recover that soon...

maybe I should opt for Pantai Medical.
I want to back home

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm K.O.

I am here not to say anything bad about DR LEE YS :p , just a story-telling session. share some funny stories, for you to smile.

Monday 31/8/2009
woke up with the feeling of heavy head.(at Tangkak) Then tumpang friend's car back to UM. When I having dinner at college, I told Henry papa I sick. He said it's normal to have this feeling when you just back from home. Then I said okie loh, go back room and sleep.

Tuesday 1/9/2009
My roomate gave me her panadol. so I ate 1 tablet. Still happily eating college makcik's spicy foods.

Wednesday 2/9/2009
Planned to go clinic after 4pm.But Dr.Y extended tutorial class until 4:30pm. Clinic closed already. dunneed to go liao lor.

Thursday 3/9/2009
went office ask makcik fetch me to clinic KK12 using college van. The Dr at KK12 give me 1 day mc, 1 pack of ulphamol, antibiotic, flu ( actually I also not sure whether I got flu or not ) and ubat batuk. Then I back to First College, took medicines and slept whole days.

Friday 4/9/2009
nah, today.
Feel like getting worse. asked shuhwi. She said nikelkhor said Paramount got Clinic. So we heading to Paramount KFC there.
The doctor at the clinic there(a chinese woman) then referred me to UH. (=.=") She wrote a letter and asked me to bring to the doctor at UH.
*there's one very young (handsome as well) doctor at the clinic, with his hair dye in gold color (very yeng) and drives a "lion" logo car.(don't know what brand)

VERY GOOD. This is the second times I went into hospital. The first time was 20 years ago, when I was born at Hospital Muar.

so, we end up at UH 3pm. registration .wait. pay registration fees. wait. my number is 1277
then the nurse called my number, so I followed her, to the back of Bilik Perundingan 8. She took my temperature. Then asked me when I last consumed my paracetamol, I said morning 4am. Then she scolded me. ask me eat now infront of her. I said I didn't bring water. (she was like want to tampar me already) Then she took my blood. (and she is rude :( ) . She asked me go to buy 100 plus to take my panadol. and asked me to show her after I consumed, she wants to check.(wtf)

then go pay money(again!). bring my blood to the lab while shuhwi went7-11 to buy 100 plus for me.
shuhwi's hand with my blood.ewww...

sit down. and take the 2 tablets the nurse wants me to take. I thought I can rest a while. mana tau. she called 1277 again! (fainted!)

Then I go behind the room number eight, but I see no person there. Then I walk out and saw shuhwi laughing. The nurse open the front door and said "adui~COMELnya ini.suruh masuk depan dia masuk belakang." @@

omg!so embarassing! somemore the doctor is a chinese man. He doesn't looks old, but I don't think he is a newbie. His name is Dr Lee, YS (I make it undisclosed)

Then the doctor asked me why I went private clinic. The nurse hits on my shoulder and says "dia orang kaya mah" (excuse me, don't make me to curse you twice)

I said I went clinic KK 12 yesterday. (a long story, and I hate telling it again and again)
Doctor: What course are you taking?
HM: Law
Doctor: Luckily not Medic har..
HM: ...(wat da...u bias)
Doctor: Do you think you got infected?
HM: No, because I didn't contact with those xxxx victim and I didn't go pasar malam as what you said.
Doctor: GOOD!VERY GOOD STATEMENT! ( ...........)

the result of the blood test not yet come out. so he asked me to wait outside.

I wait. and wait. and wait. until shuhwi and I hampir tertidur.
Then I ran in his room right after a patient came out
"Dr,how long I still have to wait?"
'yaya, you can come in now'
......actually at most of the time I don't know what I had spoke, coz I very blurred.......
cheh, the blood test also no use la. Then why waste my blood.
He busy writing MC for me...while talking with me,
Dr: why staying in college?Not boring?
HM: cheaper.
Dr: You're in which year?
HM: Year 2
(the papers on his table flew and he was terburu-buru wants to keep them in place)(very
and he stamped the mc very hard. and I could barely read his handwriting.
FYI, he told me he wasn't graduated from UM Medic School. JPA perhaps? I guess.

what to do. I still have a date with him next week, yup, this Mr Lee. Dr not equivalent to 'dear'.
He wants to date me.NOT I wanted to go. I wish I can escape as well.

-specially thanks to miss shuhwi who sacrificed her whole afternoon to accompany me.10q very very much-
n Please don't shun me :'(