Thursday, August 27, 2009

Every Cloud has A Silver Lining

I was a bit surprise when I heard my coursemates said that they do have the same thought of giving up due to the heavy workload + stressful life of 2nd year when I chatted with them. I alway thought that I am the only one who is coward, 'chicken' and don't want to face with the reality to move forward. I wish to hold back, and stay in my oh-so-honeymoon life of First Year.

Still, in the end, I have to accept the cruelty of the truth. Earth keeps spinning no matter you like it or not. You will only succeed if you persist through the hard times, and keep going no matter what happens. And yea, I would like to quote from what my coursemate's mommy said: Girls can't depend on their husband. Guys are UNRELIABLE!!! We have to study hard now in order to graduate and get a better job!

Chee Wei's graduation. Hopefully, I would be the next Tangkakian who graduated from Law Fac soon. Nthg to be proud of. But I alway feel grateful,to have you all, as my role model, to inspire me and give me spirit to continue my study life.Zhi Kai would graduate on 2011, Chemical Eng

When I feel depress, I would want to leave, and go home. If I couldn't leave at the moment, I would sleep, eating ice-cream/candies, etc to ease my mind and not to think of those vexious stuffs which will kill my cells. Actually what I need is mere a shoulder to cry on, ears to share my feelings. But too bad, I don't find target here. I do enjoy my own personal space, to go class alone, to eat and to study alone. Nevertheless, occasionally, I do feel lonely when I bought ice-cream from pakcik's stall and eating it alone. No one can share with, kinda pitiful.

Our elective test had been postponed to after Raya. A Monday, which I was very unpleasant when they set the date on Monday. My Monday schedule is very packed and, I have my Family Law tutorial before that. Datin always release us LATE. But too bad there is nothing I can do. No one would change it just because of you. which I really H.A.T.E! aiks, forget it. It had been delayed, means I can go back hometown to enjoy my Merdeka Holiday. Good though.

Another 2 tests, which is Family and Admin coming so as well. Land presentation summore. and Criminal assignment. argh,then why make us to have the holiday (raya) if intend to assign so many works. Holidays mean to be h.o.l.i.d.a.y ! According to Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, holiday means a time, often one or two weeks, when someone does not go to work or school but is free to do what they want, such as travel or relax.

I heard chambering/working life is harder. I don't know. But I still not able enjoy my 2nd year life, yet.

I knew, same as the last post, I should stop talking rubbish here and better start doing my study! :(

Too Little Time,Yet Too Many Things To Do.

*should I make annoucement that I had created this new launched blog? weee~~~ ^^
updated 20 minutes later: well, I found out that my coursemates had alr linked me. kinda effective rite? I jz set up this not long ago. *cheers*

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi,Ms. Va-Va-Voom

I had been setting up quite a number of blogs before this,which most of them are now abundant by me:D Nevertheless,the spirit of blogging has always be with me.

So,I end up spending the precious-last-3-days of my one week holidays writing blog.omg!
Well,I had been cracking my head to think of a superb duperb hyper attractive name for my blog.However,most of the so-called-cool name are all registered.sad,kan?

In the end,I decided to put my blog name as Miss Vi Va Voom.FYI,vi va voom means a girl who look mad good.Well,I might be not that gorgeous compared with Jennifer Lopez,but I alway mad and alway good as well(sounds very contradict huh?)

Actually I own another mandarin-written-blog which I would let it undisclosed.I had tried to write an english blog before,but fail.(it was now with dusts and semak-samun).Maybe I have not enough determination?I admitted that my language is not that good,and frankly,not-good-at-all.But be patient with me okay?I would improve it as day goes.

Yesterday,I came across blog whom the author is of my age.She looks very nice in all her pictures and yes I wish I could have what she has.It do inspire me to have my own blog,which can make public,to all my peers, coursemates, 1st-college-mates, etc.

Eventually,I create this blog (:
must be perpetuity har this time.

I wonder why I couldn't look very japanense-ish or korean-ish in my photo.Too Malaysian kan?I don't like it at all.Maybe I should dye my hair,uh-huh?

I should stop crapping here on the course that I still haven't finish my Monday tutorials yet.omg.